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Break Reminder Help



OOS (occupational overuse syndrome) also known as RSI (repetitive strain injury) is an injury that is becoming more common in today's computer intensive world. OOS/RSI can be very painful and debilitating if not treated early. With this in mind, the best cure is prevention. If the injury already exists, strict work methods are required to facilitate recovery.

The primary purpose of this program is to prevent and heal injury, by reminding the user to take breaks from their computer, at intervals which suit individuals particular needs.

Correct use of Break Reminder requires the user to set their preferred settings, and then adhere to their policy by taking breaks as and when intended.

It is highly recommended that all Micropauses and Rest Breaks are complied with. Ignoring these significantly increases the risk of injury.

As people and circumstances differ, use of this program does not guarantee prevention or recovery from OOS/RSI. It is intended to assist, as a part of a comprehensive program of healthy computer management.

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