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Break Reminder Help


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All settings are managed from the Tools Menu, where the Settings, Sounds screens and Hot Keys may be set. The setting Wizard may also be opened from there.

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Micropauses are taken after preset time intervals (Work Time). After the set number of Micropauses, there is a Rest Break, which lasts for the set number of minutes. Then the cycle starts over again.

If you do not do any computer work from one Micropause to when the next Micropause is due (working time), the count of Micropauses is not increased.

If you do not do any computer work for any particular 10-second period during working time, an extra 10 seconds is added before the next pause (i.e. recover that period).

If you are not working on the computer for a length of time exceeding the Rest Break time setting, the next Rest Break will be cancelled (assumed taken early) and you will go back to the first Micropause when next used.

Rest Breaks

The first 10 seconds of every break will allow you to continue working. After that, stop working will be enforced (if enabled) by keeping the mouse pointer inside the Micropause / Break window, although these can be ignored if your settings allow it.

If you continue input during a Rest Break or Micropause, the time for that Break/Micropause will be increased until the input stops.

System Tray Icon

While this program is running, it sits as an icon in the system tray (by the clock):

Right-Clicking the mouse button on this icon gives access to most needed menus.
Double-Clicking the icon toggles the monitoring (On and Off).
Hovering the Mouse over the tray icon gives a ‘pop-up’ message of the current status of Break Reminder.

Pausing of monitoring can be achieved via the Tray menu or File menu to reduce the need to stop Break Reminder (stopping resets all the counters and timers). This will allow you to carry on if there is something that you absolutely cannot be interrupted on (eg When someone phones for some information on your computer) The settings must be set to allow ignoring during Micropauses and Rest Breaks. Pausing should be only be used where necessary. Pausing is not available when Password protection is set.

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