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Break Reminder Help

Rest Breaks


A Rest Break is a long break from your work, where you completely stop what you are doing.

They last typically 8 - 10 minutes, and should be used to take a complete break.

During a Rest Break you should get up and go away from where you were working. You should perform several different stretching exercises. If possible go for a short walk and do something different (perhaps get a drink or snack).

Specific exercises and stretching techniques can be discussed with your medical professional, although if there is no prior injury, a variety of common-sense Exercises, followed by conscious relaxation of your hands, arms, neck and shoulders should be sufficient.

Remember to also exercise your eyes during Rest Breaks to move the lenses from the fixed position they assume when looking at a computer monitor for prolonged periods.

If you are not working on the computer for a length of time exceeding the Rest Break, the next Rest Break will be cancelled (assumed taken early). Break Reminder will go back to the first Micropause of the next Micropause set when next using the PC. 

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