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Break Reminder Help


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All settings are managed in the Settings screen (via the Tools menu).

Work Time is in minutes, and is the time between Micropauses and Breaks.

Micropauses are measured in seconds and are the length of time that you take regular and frequent pauses.

Rest Breaks are measured in minutes and are the time for occasional breaks right away from your computer.

The number of Pauses between Breaks is the number of Micropauses that will occur before a Rest Break is offered.

There are three Preset Setting buttons (Minimum Safety, Normal Safety, and Maximum Safety) provided which, depending on your situation, should be the starting place, then customised after that.

The ability to ignore Micropauses and Rest Breaks is an option, although if set to Allow Ignoring, you should try not to use this, unless what you are doing is desperately important.

NOTE: If different users log onto the computer, their individual Break Reminder settings and options will be retained and recalled in their next computing session.

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