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Break Reminder Help


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Sounds can be accessed and changed via the Tools menu.

Selecting None turns off the Break Reminder sounds, which may be useful in a room full of people all working on PC’s.

If you have speakers, selecting External via Sound Card directs Break Reminder to send sounds through these. They can be turned on or off and the volume will be controlled by the system volume, which is normally adjusted in the control panel, system tray or on the speakers themselves. On a laptop computer this generally uses the built-in amplified speakers

Selecting Internal PC Speaker will use the PC’s internal speakers, the volume cannot be changed. This is useful if these are the only speakers.

Depending on your system, sounds may not occur if you have another application using your sound card (eg Jukebox).

There are different sound schemes which can be selected using the drop-down menu. Use the Test Sounds buttons to test the sounds chosen for the various Break Reminder events.

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