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TimesOwn Help

Caption Mode


Select from System or Saved.

  • System refers to the display of the computer system time, day, date, time zone and time zone status. System mirrors the system settings.
  • Saved refers to the display and recall of user selected time zone information in the caption. Change this by right clicking either the drag icon or the time zone list.
    Saved mirrors a real time conversion of the local time to the chosen time zone

Saved mode may be used to display a particular Time Zone of interest in the Task Bar, when TimesOwn is minimised. For example to check when to make or expect a phone call.

Note: The System setting uses the correct TimesOwn name for the Time Zone, which may not be what Windows uses, e.g. Windows Time Zone may be set to Guam however TimesOwn will show this as Chamorro Time.

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