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TimesOwn Help



Congratulations on choosing TimesOwn. TimesOwn and TimesOwn Pro are designed to be the best software clocks in the World. At the time of release the TimesOwn series functionality is unmatched. Significant research and development has been invested in this timepiece, together with a lot of original thought as to how a global software clock should function.

The TimesOwn software is simple to use. The user interface hides a sophisticated time engine. The TimesOwn engine processes all calculations and manages time transitions between Standard Time and summer / daylight times. TimesOwn handles correctly the disappearing and duplicated times that occur during Daylight / Summer / Standard time transitions.

TimesOwn calculates all selected Time Zones relative to the PC time.

TimesOwn Pro also calculates time groups from any selected Time / Date and Time Zone. TimesOwn Pro utilises a database of thousands of Time Zone rules to calculate the correct times. TimesOwn Pro also is designed to populate the Windows System / Registry with updated TimesOwn Zones for the use of Windows and other compatible software.

To learn to use TimesOwn, please see Accelerated Learning Exercise. To get the most out of TimesOwn the user is advised to read the whole help file.

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