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TimesOwn Help

Date Selector

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In TimesOwn Pro the Date selector is shown in Lookup Mode and receives the user reference date input. The date may be selected using the up, down, left and right arrows.

Direct entry may also made by selecting (highlighting) the date, month or year and typing the preferred number. Note typing a digit in the month field will select the appropriate month. For example typing 7 will reference and change to July.

A Calendar is included in this control, and is accessed by selecting the drop,down arrow with the mouse or by simultaneously pressing the Alt+Down Arrow Key Combination.

A larger and more flexible Calendar control is also readily accessible by right clicking the calendar control or by enabling and selecting a short cut key combination.

The View menu offers differing month configuration shapes, e.g. 4 months wide and 3 months high. What the user prefers is saved as is the calendar position. Selecting a date is sent through to be used as the lookup date.

Years may also be navigated using the arrows at the top left and top right of the Calendar form. The year selected may also be rapidly selected using the Year menu. Years between 1800 and 2099 may be selected here.

For convenience the menu items are also available by right clicking the calendar form.

This calendars may be used for both TimesOwn time zone reference and also for convenient calendar reference.

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