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TimesOwn Help



Any Time
Any time herein refers to any time within the range of dates and times covered by TimesOwn. This is the period starting 1st January 1753 through to 31st December 2500.

Date Selector
The date control for entering the reference date when using TimesOwn Pro. This also functions as a calendar, when the down arrow to the right is clicked.

Drag Icon
The blue shaped arrow to the right of the Time Zone Selector.

DST Selector
This control shows the available time status options available and applicable for the time, date and time zone selected.

Quick Time
This box shows the equivalent Time, Day, Date and Time zone abbreviation relative to the PC time for the selected Time Zone using the Time Zone selector. This feature allows you to easily and quickly lookup the time in any time zone just by selecting the Time Zone of interest.

Menu Icon
The lower left TimesOwn icon which is used to toggle view modes.

The reference status TimesOwn is set to at the particular time. Live mode reflects the real time as set by the Computerís clock. Lookup mode is only available in TimesOwn Pro and reflects the calculated equivalent of the static Time, Date, Zone and Status in the Time Zone List zones.

Time, Date, Zone and Status
Shorthand for Time, Date, Time Zone and Time Zone Status

Time Selector
The time control for entering the reference time, when using TimesOwn Pro

Time Zone List
The list of Time Zones either shown in the initial default configuration or as selected / deleted by the user. Times here are always displayed in wall clock time.

Time Zone Selector
This control allows the user to select time zones. Use the drag icon to drag time zones down to the Time Zone List. Alternatively use Alt+A to append time zones. In TimesOwn Pro it is also used as the reference time zone which the Time Zone List Times will be calculated. Hovering over this with the mouse will display a hover tip showing the zone and Country.

Time Zone Status
The status of a Time Zone. For example it might be standard time, daylight time, summer time, mid-summer time, etc.

Wall Clock Time
The applicable time in any Time Zone. For example if Standard time is in effect, standard time will be the wall clock time. If Summer time is in effect, wall clock time is summer time, even though standard time is also then applicable.

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