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TimesOwn Help

TimesOwn Pro - Features


TimesOwn Pro incorporates all the TimesOwn features plus:

Windows Registry “TimesOwn Zone” Updates:

1. Adds new TimesOwn Zones to the computer system Registry

  • Some 400 TimesOwn Zones / rules added
  • Some zones overlap to some extent with Windows
  • Examples where TimesOwn Zones are different to the Windows Time Zone
  • Rules:
    • Athens
    • Auckland
    • Australia (many time zones)
    • Azores
    • Baghdad
    • Baku
    • Beirut
    • Brasilia
    • Bucharest
    • Cairo
    • Chihuahua
    • Greenland
    • Guadalajara
    • Istanbul
    • Jerusalem
    • La Paz
    • Magadan
    • Mazatlan
    • Mexico City
    • Mid-Atlantic
    • Monterrey
    • Santiago
    • Tblisi
    • Tehran
    • Ulaan Bataar
    • USA (many time zones)
    • Wellington
  • Some zones contain revised rules or spelling corrections.
  • Keeps the System (Registry) TimesOwn Zones rules up to date
2. TimesOwn Pro can automatically update TimesOwn Zone rules daily 3. Apply the TimesOwn Time Zone rules for any time, (forwards or backwards!) date and time zone. 4. The Windows Registry rules can change a number of times every year 5. Cases include a number of Middle Eastern, Muslim and/or Jewish Time Zones - Examples include:
  • Tehran ~ Iran Time Zone
  • Baghdad ~ Iraq Time Zone
  • Jerusalem ~ Israel Time Zone
  • Gaza Strip ~ Israel Time Zone
  • Damascus ~ Syria Time Zone
  • Campo Grande ~ Brazil Time Zone
  • Sao Paulo ~ Brazil Time Zone

6. Option to have your PC show

  • Windows Time Zones
  • Windows and TimesOwn Zones
  • TimesOwn Zones alone

7. Outlook and other software can now use these new TimesOwn Zones 8. Option for PC to use:

  • Windows Time Zones
  • Combined Windows and TimesOwn Zones
  • TimesOwn Zones only

9. Backs up the Windows Time Zone rules 10. Install and remove sets of rules as required.

Multiple Time Zone locations referred from any Time, Date and Time Zone

Time Zone Caption Options:

  • Display System Time Zone Time / Date or
  • Display any TimesOwn Zone on the caption
  • Easily change the Time Zone displayed on the Caption
  • Chosen time remains visible on the Task Bar (when minimised)
Keeps TimesOwn Zones up to date:
  • TimesOwn Zone rules change many times each year
    • Some countries change their daylight saving rules every year
    • New zones are added
  • Includes subscription data updates
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