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TimesOwn Help

File Menu


Groups are sets of user selected time zones that may be selected for display as the user will. TimesOwn installs a number of default example groups These may be deleted or modified as below.

Select the different groups using the file menu. Note the underlined reference shortcut keys of 1-0, a-z. (The letter x is not offered as it is the Exit Shortcut) Each group’s time zones list can be managed by appending new Time Zones (Alt+A), dragging selected zones down (using the drag icon) or deleting zones using the right click delete function.

Manage Groups
Groups may be managed here – by adding or deleting these. Type the name of a new group in the box, and click Add New Group. Similarly use the Remove Group button to remove selected groups.

Note that the Time Zone List Column Heading’s must be shown when dragging a first new zone into a new group. The heading is needed to drag the first zone onto. Alt+A is an alternative.

See Portrait, Landscape, Print Preview and Print under Print Options

Automatically Reduce to the System Tray After
Selects a time period that the TimesOwn Window is open for, before it automatically closes to the System Tray icon. Selecting Disable Automatic Reduction turns this feature off.

Reduce to System Tray
Reduces TimesOwn to the System Tray. Left clicking the system tray icon restores TimesOwn back to the desktop. Right clicking the system tray icon gives access to a range of commands.

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