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Help accesses this help system.

Support Request via e-mail generates an automatically addressed email starter enabling the user to detail any questions to support.

Support Request via web page opens the Cheqsoft support webpage, http://www.cheqsoft.com/support.html in which any questions may be detailed. The user can do this from a browser window and does not need email configured to send the request.

User Feedback opens the Cheqsoft feedback webpage, http://www.cheqsoft.com/feedback.html enabling any feedback to be sent to Chequers Software Limited.

Report New or Changed Time Zone – Email opens a user friendly automatically addressed email starter enabling the user to notify Chequers Software Limited of any Time Zone discrepancies identified or Time Zone changes announced. See Disclaimer

Register Software opens a web browser at the Chequers Software Limited software license purchase webpage, http://www.cheqsoft.com/payment.html. This web page links to a secure web server for credit card purchases. Software licenses may be purchased from there or by contacting support.

Enter License key opens a form for installing the software license. Follow the directions given by the licensor.

License Details opens a form detailing the user software License Agreement and where applicable, Subscription Agreement terms for easy user reference.

Report License Infringement opens a user friendly Email starter automatically addressed to support enabling users to report any license infringement to Chequers Software Limited. Considerable investment is made in the products marketed by Chequers Software Limited and a License is the accepted method of contributing to this development cost. Anyone infringing the licence terms is stealing property. See Legal

Tell a Friend opens an email starter enabling users to easily tell a friend, family member, associate or colleague about the value of TimesOwn.

Display Start Splash Screen opens the TimesOwn Splash screen, should the user wish to view this or show the splash screen to another person.

Chequers Software Products opens the selected products web page, http://www.cheqsoft.com/ showing details of the Chequers Software Limited products for ready reference.

Check for Latest Version opens the TimesOwn webpage, http://www.cheqsoft.com/timesown.html#downloads at the spot where the latest TimesOwn version number is detailed.

Current Data Date shows the date of the last revision of the resident database installed on the computer.

About TimesOwn opens a window where information about TimesOwn may be displayed, including version, legal, Licensee, Licensor, Agreements, and any readme file information may be accessed.

Note: Internet access will be required for some of the above functions.

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