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TimesOwn Help

<Live> / <Lookup> Menu


<Live> and <Lookup> display the current TimesOwn mode of operation.

In TimesOwn the mode will always display Live Mode. All selected time zones in the Time Zone List are calculated relative to live Computer time. This is a dynamic real time mode.

In TimesOwn Pro either Live or Lookup modes may be selected, using the mouse or the Alt+L commands. All selected time zones in the Time Zone List are calculated relative to the mode.

In Lookup mode the Time, Date and Status selectors are also displayed, to allow the selection of the Time, Date and Status of interest, in addition to the specified Time Zone. In lookup mode the Time Zone List will be calculated relative to the selected static Lookup time. This is a static time mode - that is the time does not change in the Time Zone List, although the caption will continue to reflect the chosen real time. The status control offers the applicable and available statuses for the defined Time, Date and Time Zone. For example, when a Time Zone is in Standard time it will only offer standard time as an option. When a Time Zone is in a Daylight / Summer / Other time zone, TimesOwn Pro defaults to the Wall Clock time status. However this may be changed by clicking the status control or pressing Alt+S, (repeatedly where desired). In this way the reference time may continue to be standard time, even though the applicable zone may not be using standard time for wall clock time at that time. The Time Zone List will continue to calculate the appropriate relative time for the other zones.

Hovering over the Time Zone Status control displays the Zone Name, The Time, Day, Date, Time Zone Status Abbreviation and the Full Time Zone Status in the hover tip.

See Time Zone Status Selector

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