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TimesOwn Help

Manage Computer Systemís Registry Time Zones

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This TimesOwn Pro option populates the TimesOwn Zones into the Registry for selection and use within other software programs, for example recent versions of Microsoft Outlook. The computer system Time Zones are selected in the same manner using the Windows Clock or Control Panel, the TimesOwn Zones are distinguished from the Windows Zones by the Time Zone name being named and appended with the Trade Mark [TimesOwn Zone]. For example New York is shown as New York [TimesOwn Zone].

TimesOwn Zones may have an expiry date additionally appended where the end point of the time zone is known, for example Iranís time zone basis changes each year and the applicable Registry entry expires at the time noted. When manually or automatically updating any expired TimesOwn Zones are replaced with the new current TimesOwn Zone.. Over 400 TimesOwn Zones are typically added.

Only users logged on with system administrator rights can add, update or delete the TimesOwn Zones. Non administrative users ordinarily will have read access for these new zones from within relevant programs.

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TimesOwn Pro has 3 modes for the system time zones.

1) Windows standard time zones (default)
2) Windows time zones and TimesOwn Zones both installed
3) TimesOwn Zones only installed.

The TimesOwn Zones may be added in or replace the Windows time zones. TimesOwn Zones provide an alternative to the standard Windows reference Time Zones. The TimesOwn Zones are intended to be up to date and applicable to any TimesOwn reference time, date, zone and status selected in TimesOwn Pro at the time of Registry population. It is important to note the TimesOwn Zones are populated with reference to a point in time and that the correct reference time is selected for the users purposes. Most commonly this will be current time, as accessed from within Live Mode.

Add TimesOwn Zones adds all the TimesOwn Zones referenced to the Modes Time, Date, Zone and Status. Addition from within Live mode adds rules referenced to the applicable Time, Date Zone and Status. Addition of rules from within Lookup mode utilises the lookup reference Time, Date Zone and Status as the basis for the Registry rules populated. Hence the TimesOwn Zones may refer to rules in Years different to the real time rules and therefore refer to any applicable at any instance in time, looking either backwards or forwards in time. Subsequent additions overwrite any existing TimesOwn Zones.

Delete Windows Time Zones and Add TimesOwn Zones does as it says, TimesOwn Zones are added as above for Add TimesOwn Zones. When selecting this command the Computer Systems Time zones will only show the TimesOwn Zones. The Windows Time zones are not lost and may be added back using the command.

The command Add Windows Time Zones appears following the selection of the preceding command. It will add back in (with the TimesOwn Zones) the Windows Time Zones.

The command Add Windows Time Zones and Delete TimesOwn Zones appears when TimesOwn Zones are added, to allow reinstatement of the system at time of TimesOwn installation.

The command Delete TimesOwn Zones and Delete Windows Time Zones appear when both zones are installed.

TimesOwn Zones Reference Date xx/yy/20zz refers to the reference date utilised when the current Registry TimesOwn Zone rules added to the Registry. This makes it easy to see what the reference time and date was used for the current TimesOwn Zones in the system. This menu item shows when the date TimesOwn Zones has been noted by TimesOwn Pro.

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Refresh Time Zones using Live / Lookup Reference will rewrite the TimesOwn Zones utilising the active reference mode, thereby updating any changes. Where Time Zone statusí have changed since last populated the new applicable TimesOwn Zone rules will be installed into the Registry. For example where a countries Time Zones change each year the current or next relevant Time Zone rules are the ones added in by TimesOwn, keeping the Time Zone rules up to date.

Automatic Updating of TimesOwn Zones provides options for updating the Registry TimesOwn Zones. The default is No Updating. These may be updated at program start-up or at any selected hour.

Please note it may take the computer many seconds to perform the computations and add these TimesOwn Zones into the Registry. Why is this? TimesOwn sifts and calculates through thousands of Time Zone Rules to calculate and write the appropriate Registry Entries. This takes quite some computing time to perform for all Time Zones and will vary depending on your PCís computing power, available memory and the concurrent tasks in operation at the time. This may take even a minute on some older computers. The mouse is shown as an hourglass when the mouse hovers over TimesOwn during these calculations. Should you interrupt this process the partially written Registry rules may be corrected by simply refreshing the TimesOwn Zones and ensuring the process is completed. It may be desirable that updates be set to occur when the computer is idle, e.g. at 0100.

Modifying the Registry Time Zones requires that the user be logged on with administrator rights. If the current system time zone is set to use a TimesOwn Zone the Time Zone will revert to the Windows Time Zone in place at the time of installation of TimesOwn.

Note: The Windows 9x series of operating systems seem incompatible with Registry population of TimesOwn Zones - hence this is disabled in these operating system environments.

Registry updating is not allowed at the same time by distinct concurrent users with administrator rights.

The Windows Registry system is only designed to record one time transition each way and usually this is per year. There are times in history where time transitions occurred more than twice in any year, for example Standard Time => Summer Time => Midsummer Time => Summer Time => Standard Time. For this reason TimesOwn Pro is limited to populating the registry with TimesOwn Zones using reference dates of 1-1-2005 or later. If a user has a need to populate the Registry with TimesOwn Zone data prior to 1-1-2005 please contact support

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