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TimesOwn Help

Meeting Planner


The Meeting Planner may be called from Live or Lookup modes.

In Live mode the Meeting Planner uses the live time and zone as the reference the Time Zone List will refer to.

In Lookup mode the selected Lookup reference is used, so that meetings may be planned in advance (or in hindsight). All Time Zone List members of the current Group are shown.

There is no limit to the number of columns shown, the time zone columns in the Time Zones List will all be displayed along with the reference zone.

Different groups can be used to produce different Meeting Plans. The Caption details the group being displayed.

Image goes Here

When changing the reference data on the main window the Refresh command may be used to update the Meeting Planner. Alternatively closing and re-opening the Meeting Planner has the same effect.

The Meeting Planner may be printed, see Print Options

The Intervals may be changed; 15 and 30 minute intervals may also be selected. The default interval is 60 minutes.

The Times & Colors menu option opens a window that controls the Weekday and Weekend color start times. Different start times may be selected:

Red time is intended to be sleep time,
Orange time is early morning possible meeting time,
Green is good weekday meeting time,
Yellow is again possible meeting time and
Blue is good weekend meeting time.

Hovertips can be seen over each cell also displaying the relevant date.

Right clicking a particular line will access the Copy this rows Meeting Time Plan to the Clipboard command and Open this rows Meeting Time Plan in Notepad command for the particular line highlighted and chosen ready for pasting into an email to advise and coordinate meeting participants.

See Hot Keys

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