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TimesOwn Help

System Tray Icon


TimesOwn's power comes from its ease of use and instant accessibility from the system tray icon.

Left click the TimesOwn system tray icon to open and close the TimesOwn window. This is likely to be a common way to rapidly open and close the TimesOwn window.

Right click the TimesOwn system tray icon for the option menu. The various menu details follow:

See <Live> / <Lookup> Menu

See Caption

The current Time Zone Lists are all detailed, including their times.

Select Groups. See File Menu

Open the Timer. See Timer

Access this Help. Help may also be accessed by pressing F1 from within TimesOwn or using the Help menu.

Exit TimesOwn fully closes TimesOwn.

Minimise to Task Bar minimises TimesOwn to the Task Bar, irrespective of whether TimesOwn has an open window or not.

Reduce to the System Tray reduces TimesOwn to the System Tray icon.

Open TimesOwn opens the TimesOwn window.

Also see Hot Keys

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