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TimesOwn Help

Time Zone Selector

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The Time Zone selector finds Time Zones by typing the appropriate first few letters, typically 3, (e.g. typing Den finds Denver) to find the time zone sought. The down arrow may be clicked (mouse) or the Alt – Down Arrow combination (keys) may be simultaneously pressed, to display a scrollable list of available Time Zones. The Time Zones identified and listed in the database are displayed. The number of rows displayed on drop down is determined by the computer screen resolution setting. These may be viewed and displayed in five user selected formats:

1) by Time Zone Reference name [TZ | Region | UTC] {Alt+R}
2) by Region [Region | TZ | UTC] {Alt+R}
3) by Country and Time Zone [Country | TZ | UTC] {Alt+N}
4) by UTC offset and Time Zone [UTC | TZ | Region] {Alt+U}
5) by UTC offset and Region [UTC | Region | TZ] {Alt+U}

The button to the right of the Selector selects the formats and displays the selected format. This may be changed by clicking the button, cycling through the formats, or by simultaneously pressing Alt+C, repeatedly if required.

Clicking with the mouse achieves the same cycling. Clicking with the Ctrl key is pressed (simultaneously) reverses the order cycled.

Other status key combinations are also available as appended to each line above. Also see Shortcuts and Hot Keys

Where a Time is Identified for the Time Zones List this may be appended by typing Alt+A or by using a Right Click menu or by dragging down the Drag Icon to the preferred position in the list.

The Time Zone Name may be edited by clicking twice (slower than double click) over the row, and directly editing the text as the user prefers

When the Quick Time option is displayed the current time, day, date and time zone abbreviation are shown for the selected time zone.

Note: the UTC offsets shown in the Time Zone Selector are the standard time offsets. These are not corrected for any temporary time zone changes such as Summer or Daylight times.

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