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TimesOwn Help

Tools Menu


Auto Start
When checked, this configures TimesOwn to automatically start when starting the PC and / or logging on to a new Windows session.

Start in System Tray
When checked, this configures TimesOwn to start the TimesOwn system tray icon, ready to access by left or right click, as the user prefers. TimesOwn will then be just a click away in your system Tray. This feature complements the 'Auto Start' function.

Time Format
This allows the user to select their preference of 12 or 24 hour time format. This choice will remain until changed again.

See Shortcuts and Hot Keys

Drag mode
Select from Domino or Swap mode. This refers to the ordering of the rows on the Time Zone List. Each line may be ordered by dragging with the mouse. In domino mode, all zones in between move along. In Swap mode, the two involved zones merely swap places.

See Caption Mode

See Hot Keys

See Manage Computer Systemís Registry Time Zones

Computer Systemís Time Zone Check
This opens a form which displays the Computer Time, Date and Zone settings. This is similar to the Form displayed at the first run of TimesOwn.

See Timer

See Meeting Time Plans

See Meeting Planner

See Calendar

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