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TimesOwn Help

Use Examples and Scenarios


Expecting a Phone Call
Set the Caption to the Time Zone of the calling party and minimise TimesOwn to the Task Bar. There you can watch the time of the caller to know when to expect the call. Set the Caption using the right click option from either the Time Zone List or the reference Time Zone. The right click command to use is “Change Caption to use this Lookup’s / Rows Time Zone”

The Caption may be reversed back to system time using the Tools Menu command Caption = Saved, click “System” to restore the caption to showing system time.

All military times can be compared to other international civilian times of interest.

Which Country is this Time Zone from?
Some time zones Country of origin may not be known to the user. Hovering with the mouse over the Time Zone Selector will display in the hovertip the zone and Country

TimesOwn Pro:
International Traveller – Notebook PC
When planning a trip create a group and name it appropriately, e.g. “World Tour”. Switch to this new group and drag down / append the destinations of the trip. Optionally edit the destinations as you prefer, e.g. Edit “Singapore” to “Singapore – John - 12-12-2005”

Check out future times, e.g. having to Call John in New York at 2pm 9-9-2005 New York Time. In lookup mode dial the above time, date and place. Looking at the Time Zone List you can see the time at all your destinations that you will need to call John at the correct time.

On arrival at each destination open TimesOwn Pro and right click the destination you have just arrived at and click “Save Caption and PC Operating System to use this Row’s Time Zone” Now you are ready for work and the other destination times are now calculated relative to your local time.

Arranging Multiple International Meetings
You might be a P.A. to a person who is a member of a Number of Cross Time Zone Forums, e.g. Boards, Committees etc. Your job is to coordinate the future meetings at times that all participants are not in bed.

Setup a group for each board or committee and drag down the appropriate Time Zones for each member. Edit the Name of each Time Zone adding the Name of each person.

Use the lookup facility to explore potential times for meetings, to include and exclude suitable meeting times.

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