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Welcome to Chequers Software

Software to Increase Your Computing Performance


Keep Safe with

Break Reminder Pro

Download Free Break Reminder Demo Software

RSI Management / RSI Prevention
Reminds Micropauses and Rest Breaks
Improves accuracy
Increases productivity

Save your time with

Clipboard Express Pro

Download Clipboard Express Pro Licensing Software

PC Clipboard Solution
Pays for itself...
Over and over...
Get on with your life!

Keep on time with

TimesOwn Pro

Download TimesOwn Licensing Software

User Friendly International Clock
Global time and difference calculator
Drag and drop time zones
Past, Present and Future Time Zones
Automatic Daylight and Summer Time


Get math confident with

MathsOwn ®

Download Free MathsOwn Junior Software

World Math Class
For students at home and school
Grows Confidence and Attitude

Find MP3's fast with


Download MP3Detective

First and best MP3 PC
search engine and list maker
Organise your music
Find MP3's
FAST with MP3Detective!

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