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Welcome to Chequers Software

Software to Increase Your Computing Performance


Engines2go - Now thats a Search Engine - also from E2go.com - Quick access to major search engines, individually or in combination. Fast loading as there are no pictures, banners, or advertisements.

MP3Detective - Search for MP3 music on your PC, then play the results on your default jukebox.  Makes text-file lists of your songs and has a user-friendly "Favourites" play list.

MusicMatch - Music jukebox has all the features you need - records MP3's from CD's, converts MP3's to Wave (and vice versa), writes to CD's, prints CD covers, and a whole lot more.   Easy integration with MP3Detective.

MailWasher - Stop all that spam!  Delete and even bounce the spam back to it's sender so it appears your email address is no longer active.  Highly recommended!

DynamicDrive - Providers of free code powering the Hover tips as used in this web site.

pfSense - Comprehensive Firewall based on FreeBSD

m0n0wall - Smaller Robust MonoWall Firewall based on FreeBSD

TiVo - The Australasian Central TiVo Information Site for this Personal Video Recorder

TiVo Web Plus - The TiVo Web Plus PVR Server Software Development and Download Site



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