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Builds Confidence and Attitude
for Students at Home and School

Math Work Sheet Software for Basic Elementary Mathematics Problem Work Sheets for Maths for Kids, Children, First Grade and Teachers Worksheets




Computerized Mathematics Worksheet

Download Free MathsOwn Junior Software

Enlarge image   MathsOwn exercise completed and marked. Designed to develop Maths Attitude!!
= Excite = Accelerate = Extend

Download Free MathsOwn Junior Software

Enlarge image   MathsOwn control panel where worksheets are defined. For example exercise or test, peer marking, number range and number of questions.

Basic Elementary Math Work Sheet Software for Children


Using the prototype, the first school student's test results went from 59 to 97% in only two weeks!!

Since then MathsOwn has been developed further, with experience accumulating in both Home and School environments.



"I like the test that when you hit pause you can not see (and therefore anticipate) the next questions.  I like being able to choose the number of questions for each session. I believe the times tables come with practice and this software allows it - I've bought the usual blank books with the tables in them and photo copied pages out of them (the ones I paid for!) but this software does it all for me."  Early Parent Feedback.

"My son is very happy with your program, and so are we. He is 9 yrs old. - As you know, kids can't just sit down and read mathematics.. .. someone has to sit down and ask all of the equations one after another - again and again. . until the student has>>chewed<< on it enough to remember ... !! Your program assists my son as good as, if not better than a teacher . No one has the patience that a program has. It'll just run it's routine, and follow it's protocol, and ask the same equations again and again . and again Until we're finished with it. That's just great." Canadian Father, December 8 2005

Queen Margaret College Year 6 Students say:

"MathsOwn is a speedy way of basic facts on the computer and it's great exercise. Rebecca."

"MathsOwn is a mind teasing, fun, challenging and a great way to learn your basic facts! Ali."

"MathsOwn is challenging and fun at the same time.  It trains you to get faster and builds your basic facts knowledge, which makes maths basic facts tests at school easier.  I like the way it shows you your score and what you got wrong, even in specific subjects.  Kalais."

"MathsOwn is fun, challenging, educational, speedy and a great way to improve your maths. Georgiana, Lucy, Amber, Ashna and Rachel."

"MathsOwn is very useful for girls that need to improve, or girls that just want to practise for a test! Its a healthy way of learning and works wonders! Olivia."

Their year six teacher described MathsOwn as "immensely useful and successful"

"As a teacher of Year Four students, I found MathsOwn to be an effective tool for assisting with basic facts teaching. The students were highly motivated when using the product and enjoyed it so much that they asked to use it during break times! I found it useful to be able to set up various parameters for my students in order to target students' weaker areas and to be able to differentiate for the wide range of levels within my class." Level Four Teacher, Queen Margaret College


"{My Son} needed some help in maths last year because he couldn't follow the class's program. By the end of the year, he was the class's #3 math student, after having used MathsOwn. It's just like a song, the more you repeat it, the more it sinks-in! That's what your program does. He didn't use it all summer and forgot the song. So he asked for it this year, now that speaks for itself ! " and

"Last year, I imposed your program to him, this year, he asked for it!!" Canadian Father, February 2 2007


Software aims to improve maths scores - Infotech April 25 2005



  • Target age groups - 3 to 13+ years
  • Facilitates learning of basic:
    • Maths
    • Computer keyboard skills
    • Programming skills
  • Computerized math's worksheet
  • Focuses on Learning and Teaching (and not computer graphics)
  • Accelerated learning in both learn and test modes
  • Enhanced learning through student peer marking
  • Enables extended learning goals
  • Computerized marking
  • Computerized results analysis
  • Automated recording of exercises and tests
  • Designed for 1 PC per class right through to 1 PC per student
  • Designed to integrate with school and / or home
  • Designed to extend students abilities
  • Ideal first computer application

Download Free MathsOwn Junior Software

Enlarge image   Large Font Worksheet for Junior Basic math's Students showing a picture that has been dragged and dropped

MathsOwn Details

  • Simple to use - set and go
  • Computerized worksheet format
  • Generates questions and operations to your specification
  • Choose:
    • 1 to 500 Questions
    • Operands that:
      • any sequential ranging from -99 though to 99
      • are randomly generated
      • are fixed by:
        • First
        • Second e.g. for times tables
      • may include negative numbers
    • Operators - any combination of the four: +, -, x, ÷
    • Time mode
      • time up
      • specify a set time
    • true / false marking as you go
    • Other options also
  • Modes:
    • Learning:
      • Help Tables for four operations available ranging 1 to 20
      • Help with negative math's rules
      • Pausing suspends timer
    • Test:
      • Strict test mode generates tests in real time
      • Each student sits the same specification test
      • Cheating is made more difficult as each test is different yet to the same level.
      • Test time is strictly measured
      • Pausing blanks test out, a student can pause, go away, come back and resume to the set test time period
      • Tests may be peer marked
      • Peer marking is also marked by MathsOwn
      • Answers can be marked for true or false as the student completes each answer – Student has opportunity to revise a wrong answer
      • Designed to teach while assessing
      • Maximizes the learning experience

Download Free MathsOwn Junior Software

Enlarge image   Exercise worksheet mode, smaller font, 52 of 100 Questions, Help Tables shown, demonstrating the extensive tables available, intended to extend students.

  • Marking Options
    • Computer marked at the end
    • Unique peer marking (True/False)
    • Mark as you go
      • Encourages revision of incorrect answers to accelerate learning

Download Free MathsOwn Junior Software

Enlarge image   Large Font Worksheet, Junior Basic Math's Students, Peer Reviewed and Both Marked Shows right / wrong answers, correct answers as well as right / wrong peer marking.

Other Options

  • Also:
    • Answer Question to show next
    • Mandatory completion of all questions to finish
    • Prompting for printing at the end
    • Print at the end
    • Email generated pdf documents to teachers
    • Questions and answer displays, printable
    • Mark summary display, printable
    • Analysis option, printable
  • File printouts for a basic math's portfolio
  • Saves each session to a file for reference, including all answers and peer marks
  • Students can work sequentially with one computer or work in pairs with two computers, or multiples thereof.
  • Encourages learning basic PC and keyboard skills
  • Sets the stage for competitive learning through MathsOwn Sports



Students Love MathsOwn

  • Customise their sessions to their exact level
  • Compete with classmates
  • Learn to develop their own maths advancement programs
  • Intellectually disabled students also benefit
  • Have fun learning maths with MathsOwn



MathsOwn Advanced Teacher/Parent configurations

  • Student logins including passwords option
  • Administration mode for adding teachers, classes, students, and passwords.
  • Teacher defined configurations
  • Teachers set the test parameters for students to automatically cycle through
  • Customized shortcuts define a mode of operation.  The student opens the shortcut and MathsOwn run in the mode you have determined e.g.:
    • 20 Questions, + and x, over range 1 to 12, timed for 5 minutes for X student in Y Class with Z Teacher
    • 30 Questions, + and -, over range 1 to 20, timed for 10 minutes for A student in Y Class with Z Teacher, etc...
  • Batch file processing of students, using sets of shortcuts, with each student doing a customized set of questions, and then being prompted to call the next student for their turn.
  • Whole 4 Operation Math's Syllabus Capable..
  • Includes a new Standard Reference Language for Math's Levels and Modes



Suitable for:

  • Primary Schools
  • Intermediate Schools
  • Remedial Classes in Secondary Schools

Saves teachers time through

  • Automatic test generation
  • Automatic marking
  • Automated test naming
  • Basic math's system designed for the classroom
  • Automated cycling students through their turns
  • Shortcut definitions can be copied for homework by disc etc.
  • Printing tests, results and analysis

Schools are invited to contact us and inquire about licensing for school use.



Give your Children a solid start to Maths

  • Complement the school maths program
  • Foster maths competition with peers
  • Encourage your children to extend themselves
  • Teaches basic computing, typing and programming skills
  • Role model and compete with your children


Development Directed by Dr David Hingston who:

  • understands how to learn math's
  • proved this with achieving an A+ in his last year of University Math's Study
  • incorporates his approach within MathsOwn
  • has learned that MathsOwn also provides the confidence to enjoy and exceed in math's
  • believes a positive early experience and attitude to math's sets the stage for confident advanced math's achievement.
  • design review, advice and direction provided from the Junior School Mathematics teachers at Queen Margaret College, Wellington, New Zealand.

Less administering + less marking + more exercising = accelerated and extended learning


The Free MathsOwn Junior version may be downloaded from this webpage.

Upgrades to the full MathsOwn version may be completed from the MathsOwn Junior's Help Menu, either by email or via our licensing webpage.  Please purchase a license before requesting an upgrade.

MathsOwn Trial and Annual License options are available for purchase. Further information is detailed on our FAQ page. Purchase of licenses contributes towards the significant development and support costs of our software.




MathsOwn® is a trade mark registered in New Zealand, owned by Esteem Technology Limited.  Pictures shown herein may well become out of date in accord with the practice of continuous improvement.  Patents are pending for various aspects of MathsOwn's uniqueness.  All rights are reserved.  Chequers Software Limited may be contacted as agent for any inquiries.



If you have any problem with MathsOwn, please seek assistance using our support page. 

MathsOwn includes user friendly software support systems to simplify and rapidly diagnose end user support issues.


Press Release



The latest release now includes:

  • The Free MathsOwn Junior version is now available to trial and use with younger maths students.
  • Digital Images - personalise for students - drag and drop their own picture, family, pet or artwork to increase motivation and interest
  • Especially good for disabled maths students who need that little extra motivation
  • The ability to integrate into a school network for easy teacher review


MathsOwn Junior is Free    

  • Version 1.3.3 released January 17 2008 is 2.80MB.
  • Upgrades to the full MathsOwn version are performed from MathsOwn Junior.
  • MathsOwn runs on screen resolutions of 640 x 480 (or greater)
  • The PC memory available on some W9x systems may limit the number of questions.
  • Also runs on double byte language platforms e.g. Asian countries.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista.
  • MathsOwn® Junior U3 USB memory stick version certified compliant to run on U3 USB and Microsoft Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Vista;


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