A powerful program, with a simple user interface, which you keep on your desktop for easy access, which allows you to search all your music folders or drives for MP3 music with specified text within their names.   Simply click the results names to play the song.

No longer do you have to remember which folder each song is in, or need to go searching through folders and subfolders to find what you want to hear.

The MP3Detective List Maker function enables you to list and sort all your MP3's, no matter where on the system they are located.   You can then distribute your list to your friends and over the net.


  • Able to search multiple drives for MP3 music with a single click.
  • Able to search for 2 items of text   (eg   qu+bo  to find  'Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody')
  • Results displayed in an attractive window with direct links to the songs found.
  • Favorites list for memory of your favorite selection.   One click to play. 
  • User friendly and attractive interface.
  • Simple instructions and operation - designed for the user.
  • Easy installation and set-up.
  • A 'Play-All' option to play all the songs found with a single click.
  • A 'Random' option to play all the songs found, but in random order.
  • Results sorted alphabetically by song name.
  • Small file size as it utilizes existing programs from your system (ie  default music player).
  • Will also create a sorted text or HTML file list of all your songs.
  • Includes different skins (color schemes) to choose from.
  • Now allows you to drag and drop the search results to add the song directly to your jukebox's own playlist.        
  • Allows you to customise the look of MP3Detective.   Include your own artwork or photos, change the colours of text and buttons.  
  • Includes a Tag editor 
  • Has the option to ignore Comma's and Apostrophe's 

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