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  • This window is best viewed maximised.  I recommend that you "Alt Tab" between open Windows by pressing the Alt+Tab keys simultaneously.  Try it!

  • This computer screen is set to . That is this monitor is:

  • Have you considered increasing this screen resolution?

  • A higher screen definition may lessen your computer time by making you more efficient (or more productive) through having to scroll or refresh less - as you are seeing more.  For example spreadsheets - you can see more so the need to navigate and scroll is lessened.  I hate scrolling! It is a waste of time and I avoid it where ever I can.  Browsers will show more at higher resolutions.  I run 1600 x 1200 screens for these reasons.  At that resolution, using Word, I can see two A4 pages side by side. This means I half the number of clicks I have to do to go from the start to the end of the document, which halves my time to get there!

  • Important considerations include monitor refresh rates.  The refresh rate should be set to 70 or higher, say 75 or 85 to ensure you are not aware of screen flickering.  (This is less of an issue with flat screens)  Also there is no point making the type so small you cannot read it!  Most monitors have a limit they will work at acceptable refresh rates.  Often that is the option below the maximum definition they will work at, for example one monitor may work at 1920 x 1440 at 60 hertz (times a second) but this is not much use, the penultimate setting in this case is 1600 x 1200 at 75 hertz, which is useful.  Other considerations are your video card's capabilities, however monitors are now generally more limited than video cards are.  Also look at your distance from the screen and position relative to it - as you will have already done anyway to ensure your safety from your computer!  Make sure the computer is your slave - and not the other way around!


How do I change the screen resolution?

  1. Right Click the desktop and select "Properties"

  2. Click the "Settings" Tab

  3. Your setting should be confirmed down the left.  Change this by dragging the slider.

These instructions are the principles, different versions of Windows may have subtle differences that may require accommodation.

  • I hope this page has made a difference for your computing time and efficiency.  Please consider emailing this page to anyone else who might enjoy a difference from it.

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