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TimesOwn Pro™

World Time Zone Difference Clock Conversion Calculator

Download TimesOwn Pro™ Licensing Software

TimesOwn Pro™ in 4 column configuration, Lookup mode showing the equivalent times relative to the lookup time, date and zone

Solves Daylight and Summer Time Differences and Changes

Facilitates On Time Meeting Attendance

The Comprehensive Notebook PC Travellers Clock

Redefines what Clocks should do!

TimesOwn Pro™ does everything TimesOwn™ does - and more...

TimesOwn Pro™ makes International and cross time zone travelling a breeze. Make a trip group, select your destinations. Simply add them by dragging them down.

On arrival right click the new destination, to set TimesOwn™ to the new local time / Time Zone, as well as your pc, all in one click! All times are automatically synchronised to the new local time.

Lookup travel times any which way. TimesOwn™ makes it easy to coordinate and plan meeting and call times. Do you want to know when important contacts can sensibly receive your calls?

TimesOwn Pro™ makes meeting plans for pasting into emails to send to international meeting participants. Using Groups of user selected Time Zones plans can be generated for any group of Time Zones of interest.  Groups may be readily swapped between.  TimesOwn Zones may be added to update the and more comprehensively populate Windows Time Zones. This is in addition to all the features of TimesOwn™, such as always being within easy reach from your system tray, task bar or your nominated Hot Key Combination.

Fantastic for coordinating meetings for example using communication programs like Skype, ICQ or MSN, international business with other countries. Always have within easy reach the local time for your global friends', associates and contacts for chat, meetings, phone calls, videoconferences etc. TimesOwn™ is the Global Clock that is so much more!


TimesOwn Pro™ incorporates all the TimesOwn features plus:

Windows Registry “TimesOwn Zone™” Updates:

  • Adds new TimesOwn Zones to the computer system registry
    • Some 400 TimesOwn Zones / rules added
    • Some zones overlap to varying degrees with Windows
    • Some zones contain revised rules, spelling corrections
    • Keeps the System (registry) Time Zone rules up to date
  • Can automatically update rules daily
  • The TimesOwn Time Zone rules may be automatically applied for any period (forwards or backwards!)
  • The Windows Registry rules can change a number of times every year
    • Cases include a number of Middle Eastern, Muslim and/or Jewish Time Zones
    • Examples include:
      • Tehran ~ Iran Time Zone
      • Baghdad ~ Iraq Time Zone
      • Jerusalem ~ Israel Time Zone
      • Gaza Strip ~ Israel Time Zone
      • Damascus ~ Syria Time Zone
      • Campo Grande ~ Brazil Time Zone
      • Sao Paulo ~ Brazil Time Zone
      • Windhoek ~ Namibia Time Zone etc..
    • Software such as Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003 can now utilise these new TimesOwn Zones

Keeps TimesOwn zones up to date:

  • These rules change many times each year
  • Some countries change their daylight saving rules every year
  • New zones are added
  • Subscription data updates
  • Military Time Zones

TimesOwn™ Caption Options:

  • Display System Time Zone Time / Date or
  • Display any TimesOwn Zone™ on the caption
  • Easily change the Time Zone displayed on the Caption
  • When minimised chosen time zone visible on the Task Bar


Key Users:

  • People meeting other people
  • International Telecommuters
  • Webinar attendees
  • International Travellers
  • Microsoft Outlook users


Use Examples:

1) User is on International Company A with Directors in 5 countries who regularly meet – uses TimesOwn Pro™ to coordinate meetings at time suitable to all participants

2) User is a PA to a Director of several International companies – PA coordinates all meetings of directors of all companies, creates a group for each Company and set of International Directors

3) User has a Pending Overseas Trip – creates a group “US Tour 2005” and lists all destinations in the group, possibly in order of travel.  On arrival at each destination in one simple action right clicks the new local time zone and selects “Change Caption and PC operating system to use this Time Zone” and is then ready for work.

4) User is a business using Outlook having International dealings with the Middle Eastern Countries whose Time Zone Rules change annually.

5) User is a Middle Eastern Country business using Outlook having International dealings with the rest of the World


Choosing a Software Clock

Here is a checklist of some important considerations when choosing a clock:
  • Does the clock have a user friendly design using drag and drop?
  • Does the clock feature Groups of Time Zones?
  • How easily can you look up and select new Time Zones?
  • Can you easily rename the Time Zones to suit you?
  • Does the clock update Windows Time Zones?
  • Does the clock tell you groups of times for any time, date and zone?
  • Does the clock have an update program in place?
  • Does the clock include a database of past present and future time zone rules?
  • Does the clock operate fully when not connected to the Internet?
  • What data does the clock use?  (Registry is not up to date with all time zones and is therefore not a good basis for a time zone clock.)
  • Does the clock generate meeting plans in a flash?


Here are some examples of customer feedback we have received for the earlier TimesOwn™ version:

"I found the places I wanted, edited the names to suit me and now they are always just a click away. Well done Cheqsoft!"

"I have tried three other World Clocks over the past 12 months, including TimesOwn™, while the others have apparently, more to offer the consumer, I have finally come back and registered with you. Yours being the most user friendly. It tells me all I want to know re the time in cities I have contact with.   Thank you."

"TimesOwn™ is going EXCELLENTLY for me, thank you! I am web editor for a children's literature site with a chat room. We have chatsters from all over the world and a regular chat every Tuesday that overseas people cannot attend--because they're mostly asleep!  So I'm planning a Worldwide Chat at a time here when people in Europe, Africa and Asia can attend. You can see how valuable TimesOwn™ has been for me in setting that up.  Thank you again, and THANK YOU for TimesOwn™!"

"Where did you hear about TimesOwn™?  Did an internet search for this type of software, found many, settled on this one for it's ease of interface and use. What do you like about TimesOwn™?  The interface is very efficient. Having all the locations that I need to do business with on a daily basis is perfect."

Recent feedback for the new TimesOwn™:

"TimesOwn™ has taken a Quantum leap....it's a great piece of software!"

"I downloaded the software and everything is working great! What a good Product!!"


Customized TimesOwn Zone™ Installer

Using our technology we can install specific system custom TimesOwn time zones to order.  We can also keep these up to date. For example Namibia. Please inquire by e mail.



Please download and install TimesOwn Pro™. Please run TimesOwn Pro™ and follow the directions to purchase your license, if you have not already done so.

TimesOwn Pro™ Annual and 3 year Support Licenses options are available for purchase. Options are detailed on our FAQ page. Purchase of licenses contributes towards the significant development and support costs of our software.

TimesOwn Pro™ is only available by annual license subscription, which enables all TimesOwn Pro™'s additional features.  With financial customer support we can and will develop our products further for you.  Please click here for our licensing page. Existing TimesOwn™ users with upgrade rights may purchase TimesOwn Pro™ subscriptions, discounted by the amount they originally paid for their TimesOwn™.

Please note some web sites may link here and suggest this software is freeware.  Regrettably this is not the case.



TimesOwn™, TimesOwn Pro™ and TimesOwn Zone™ are trade marks of Esteem Technology Limited.  Windows and Outlook are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Pictures shown herein may well be out of date in accord with the practice of continuous improvement.  Patents have been applied for to cover various aspects of TimesOwn™'s uniqueness.  All rights are reserved.  Chequers Software Limited may be contacted as agent for any inquiries.



If you have any problem with TimesOwn™, please go to our Support page and please tell us.

TimesOwn™ includes our user friendly software support system to simplify and rapidly diagnose end user support issues.

Download TimesOwn Pro™ Licensing Software

TimesOwn Pro™ - re-defines what clocks can do!!

News - TimesOwn Pro™ Series 4 is released and includes:

  • Easy manual and automated update downloads for software and database;
  • Audit your computers Time Zones;
  • Update your Windows Daylight Saving Time zones;
  • Add Military TimesOwn Zones™ not present on your PC;
  • Add individual TimesOwn Zones™ not present on your PC, automatically including the applicable daylight savings rules;
  • Minimise recent Outlook versions appointment disruptions that could result from the new 2007 US Daylight Time Zone changes;
  • Have TimesOwn Pro™ update your upcoming US Daylight Savings Time Zone changes.


   TimesOwn Pro™ Licensing Software

  • TimesOwn Pro™ licensing software is version 3.1.7, and 4.47 MB to download;
  • Some of the TimesOwn and TimesOwn Pro™ Computer System Registry features are incompatible with the Windows 9x series of operating systems and are automatically disabled;
  • Tested on Microsoft Windows 98SE / 2000 / XP / 2003;
  • TimesOwn Pro™ licensees receive version 4.2.4, as released February 9, 2008.



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