Free Software Utilities

Plain Text Converter

Converts whatever text is in the clipboard to plain text.  This is useful for copying from web pages and pasting into other documents or e-mails.     
Download Plain Text

Temperature Converter

Very simple program convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and back.  Great for cooking with recipes.
Download Temperature Converter (30 KB)

Backup Script

This is a VBS script that anyone can use to backup their documents and data.   It only copies files that have changed since the last backup so after the first backup, the rest are very fast.  It is fully customizable so you decide what to backup and where to back it up to.   Simply double click it whenever you think you need to run a backup.   No experience with scripts required - instructions included.
Download Backup Script (30 KB)

NB Please be aware this software is provided freely on an as is where is basis, however any support or customization can only be done on a commercial basis.