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What is an Economy License?

An Economy License is a more economic License option for individuals.  The software uses our Locked License technology.   Volume Economy licenses are not offered.  Support is offered for the first month to ensure everything is satisfactory.  Thereafter free support is not offered and neither are version upgrades. In return for less support, the user is offered a significantly lower price. 


What is an Annual License?

An Annual license also uses our Locked License technology and is also a single user / pc license.   Volume Annual licenses are available.  Annual Licenses include free support for the whole year following purchase, the ability to have the latest software version license transferred from one computer to another as well as the option to upgrade to the equivalent later software version. 


Do I have to keep purchasing Licenses?

No.  At the end of the support period, the software will continue to function, however, upgrades and support will no longer be provided for free.  However, this does not apply in the case of subscription licenses.


What if I have already purchased a License?

Single users who purchased licenses prior to 16th January 2004 enjoy enduring free upgrades and support, in accord with our offer to these people who supported Chequers Software early on.  Unfortunately, this is unsustainable, however, we honor licenses issued on those terms.

People purchasing from 17 January 2004 enjoy support and upgrades for a period of 2 years from their purchase date.  Again we honor these licensees terms, however even this has proved unsustainable.  Corporate multi-user transactions are excluded from these general single user terms. We are motivated to ensure we continue to provide the agreed support.

From 4 June 2005 economy (locked) and annual single-user licenses are offered with their respective included free support periods.


Why do I have to pay a license fee?

We professionally develop and market software products.  This is how we make our living.  We cannot do it for free, as we need to recover our costs and pay for our Internet servers, computers, programmers, staff advisors, etc.


Why are trial licenses no longer freely downloadable?

Trial software gets reverse engineered and then given away.  While this might be seen as good by some people it also means we cannot develop our products as fast as we might like for you.   Reverse engineering is illegal.  It is also difficult for us to stop.  No longer offering downloadable trial software is one way for us to control this problem.


What is Locked Licence Technology?

Most of our software is now locked to a particular computer and that computer’s current operating system installation.  Locked Licence software is linked to some unique characteristics of the particular computer’s hardware configuration and operating system installation, so it will not work if that computer’s hardware is changed or if that computer’s operating system is upgraded or re-installed and it will not work on other computers.


Why buy an Economy License?

Because it is a more economic option for you.  If your computer runs for years without the operating system needing to be re-installed then so will our software.  Economy Licence software is an economic solution for users wanting low-cost “disposable” software.  We do not provide trial versions of Economy Licence software, but we do offer detailed pre-sale information.


Does an Economy License expire?

Economy Licenses expire when the computer’s operating system is re-installed, upgraded, or replaced or when the computer’s hardware is changed.  The Economy Licence will continue to be valid until one of these events occurs.


What are the downsides of a Economy Licence?

If after the first 30 days following installation your computer’s operating system is re-installed, upgraded, or replaced or if your computer’s hardware is changed , you will need to purchase a new license from us.   Volume Economy licenses are not offered.  We accept many disposable items in our world today and Economy Licence software is simply a cheaper disposable alternative to more expensive software licensing regimes.

If you want a later software version, for whatever reason, you will have to buy a new licence.


What support do I get with a Economy Licence?

We will provide support and will attempt to resolve any defects in with the software (excluding feature requests) identified in the first 30 days following installation. 


Can I install software on both my desktop and notebook computer using the same Economy or Annual Licence?

No – Economy or Annual Licences will be required for each computer because each License is computer-specific.


Can I get support after 30 days for a Economy Licence?

Yes – note the cost of this support will be same as the current cost of a Economy Licence for that software product.   You will need to pre-purchase this support and, once purchased, you will be entitled to support for 30 days.


Who might prefer to buy an Annual Licence?

Companies and organisations may require more flexibility to upgrade and maintain the software and their computer systems.  The Annual Licence caters for this need.  We offer support and upgrades for the duration of these licenses.  Below is a table which compares the different features of Economy Licences and Annual Licences:


Why might I need a licence revision?

A “licence revision” is a change to the software’s licensing and piracy protection system.  There are many people around the world who are dedicated to illegally cracking and reverse engineering software licensing and piracy protection systems.  We need to keep changing our software licensing system to prevent it being compromised and to continue to be a viable business that serves you.


Should I install or use illegal copies of CheqSoft software?

No.  Installing or using CheqSoft software without purchasing it and obtaining it from us exposes you to substantial legal and practical risks.  Software that is not purchased and obtained from us may contain viruses, spyware, or other malware which can, for example, damage the information stored on your computer and/or distribute your personal files and information over the Internet. We encourage you to buy software direct from us as it is legal, cheaper and better for you in the long run.


Is it OK to Install old versions of our Software?

Please note well that old versions may not be compatible with recent operating systems.  Old versions are no longer supported.


Why do we offer Economy Licences?

We have two major costs.  Our development cost and our support costs.  Many people do not want to buy support—they like the software just as it is but would like it cheaper.  We now offer this to them.