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We are concerned about the information that you provide us in the course of using our sites and products.

This statement outlines our policy concerning the information that you provide us when interacting with Chequers Software Ltd.

All information will only be used for Chequers Software Ltd purposes to grow our business, improve our products, and ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Chequers Software Ltd will not communicate this information to any un-related external individuals or agencies.

In particular, we do not give your information to entities that might misuse your information, for example, to generate spam. We receive spam, we object to Spam and we support moves to reduce Spam.

We most definitely do not contribute to spam production. We are proud that some users have tested us with unique email addresses and found the email addresses have remained secure.

Your credit card details are only seen by our secure purchasing agent. If you have any concerns with payment security, please Email us to discuss alternative methods of payment.

Chequers Software Ltd uses every reasonable precaution to keep the personal information disclosed to us secure. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security. Chequers Software Ltd also links to a wide variety of other sites.

We are not responsible for their privacy policies or how they treat information about their users, although we will not be giving them any details we have received from our customers and users, except where authorized.

We know that you are concerned about your privacy, and so is Chequers Software Ltd. When you provide Chequers Software Ltd with information about yourself, we will add it to our records.

From time to time you may receive information about our products, services, activities, or contacts for other business purposes unless you request otherwise by noting it in any Email to us or by noting it in the notes section of our payment form.

Together with the quality of our products, I pride myself on the reputation and discretion of our company. This is reflected in the value we place on, and the way we treat our customers and their information.

David Hingston