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Cheq Soft


Break Reminder™

RSI Prevention, Micropause, Take a Break, Stretch and Exercise Reminder Computer Software

Increased Accuracy and Safety For Computer Users


  • Protect Yourself!
  • Protect Your Employees!

Main Break Reminder control form and Micropause / Break window.

Break Reminder reminds you to take Breaks and / or Micro pauses to your set times, including sensing when you have typed long enough.

Much cheaper than an RSI alternative!


OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome) is also known as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury – USA) and MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders – Europe). CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and CVS (Computer vision syndrome) also are associated with computer use.

These injuries are becoming more and more common in today’s computer-intensive world. OOS, RSI, MSD, CTS, and CVS can become very painful and debilitating if not treated early.

With this in mind, the best cure is prevention. If injuries already exist, strict work methods are required to facilitate recovery after a visit to a naughty site.

Break Reminder is designed to both prevent and assist convalescence of these debilitating computer terminal associated conditions.

It has numerous other benefits also. Whilst we have many anecdotal reports of the value of this software, there is also research that supports the value this type of software provides to PC users.

Break Reminder has a small program interface that discretely runs in the background. It can monitor your computer use, and reminds (or can force) you to take a break to user-chosen settings.


  • Break Reminder Plus™ 3.12.0 is coming soon, watch this space!!!
    • Will be a FREE Plus version!;
    • Many new features!;
  • Break Reminder Pro™ 3.11.6 released May 14 2007, features:
    • More Hot Key options;
    • Hot Keyed ignores;
    • Hot Keyed Postpones to user timing preference, e.g. when taking a phone call use your preferred HotKey to gain a 2 minute 30 second break postponement;
    • Now even more ergonomically user friendly;
  • Break Reminder™ 3.11.3 released April 26, 2007, features:
    • Certified compliant with USB and Vista;
    • Appropriately responds to Hibernation and Standby events;
    • Download and check out Free Break Reminder Demo 3.11.3;
  • Break Reminder™ 3.11.2 released April 17, 2007, features:
    • Revised Settings interface;
    • Other refinements;
    • Download and check out Free Break Reminder Demo 3.11.2;
  • Break Reminder™ 3.11.0 released April 12, 2007, now includes:
    • Runs on Windows Vista;
    • Significant revision for smoother operation;
    • New information now is shown in the System Tray Icon – A quick glance tells Break Reminder status;
  • Break Reminder™ 3.10.3, released March 6, 2007, now includes:
    • Multi-Monitor capability;
    • Easy manual and automated update downloads;
    • Now covers all monitors on Multiple Monitor PCs.
    • Ctl+Alt+X Hot Key Support. (X is a user selected character)
    • The Free Break Reminder Demo version 3.10.3 has most Break Reminder functionality, however the settings are not saved exiting Break Reminder Demo; 
    • The licensed version of Break Reminder Pro saves all settings, and when logging on has auto-run functionality.


“Sneaky stressor #1: Using your computer

Here’s what happens when you flick on your computer: “Your breathing rate goes up 30 percent, your blinking rate goes way down, and you tend to tighten your arms and shoulders without knowing it,” says Erik Peper, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Holistic Healing at San Francisco State University. 

Slash the stress: Change your body position every half hour or so simply standing while talking on the phone can improve bloodflow and ease muscle strain. 

Visit for low-cost software that will tell you to also take microbreaks quick pauses to close your eyes and flex your wrists.”

From “” Edited by Kate Dailey, Associate Editor, Men’s Health, August 2005,

Customer Testimonials

“Break Reminder has saved me from RSI. I have been using it for over 2 years and together with a good mouse mat and keyboard, it has eradicated all symptoms. I have recommended it to all my family and friends. Well done and thank you.”  (Toby Beresford,, July 22 2003)  

This example recently advised to us summarizes other comments we have received.  Another example of user feedback: 

“Very well-designed, the heuristic’s really make it pop up at the right times, without being too aggressive or permissive”.  

Another example, this one independent and spontaneous academic opinion:      

“I have now been using your software on both my home and work computer in conjunction with Maltron keyboards and and trackball mice for a few months and have nothing but praise for your software. Being a research scientist I tried several free/Trialware software packages and have found yours to be undoubtedly the best. It is easy to use and strikes the correct fine balance of usefulness versus intrusiveness so as not to get in the way when a break cannot be taken. I have recommended it to most of the people here and it actually helps the entire work day not just protecting from RSI.  Looking forward to version 4!” (Dr N Martin, Curtin University, Western Australia. August 11 2004

And more…

“After years of dealing with work-related tendonitis, I credit your Break Reminder program with saving my arms and my career! It does just what I need it to do (force me to take breaks at regular intervals), without a lot of extraneous bells and whistles.” June 7 2005

“Been using Break Reminder for several years – looked for upgrade and thought it was time to pay up for all that benefit!!” July 24 2005

“Break Reminder has been great” … “One (user) reporting that it’s been the single biggest help in reducing the pains he’s getting, so 10 out of 10!” London Business School, September 19 2005

“I love this program! It has really helped with my RSI recovery.” University of Wisconsin Researcher, after 2 days of use, July 31 2006

“I swear by your product, and have been using it for sometime, here at work. I have steered colleagues to your product as well.”  (Corporate Customer, John Simon, Sociotelligence, Texas, April 14 2018)


Corporate Clients

Research suggests the use of this software will improve staff accuracy.  Indeed it may do so by 13% and may even pay for itself in around 3 months.  That calculation does not include the very significant costs of managing active cases of OOS (or RSI or MSD).  

The courts are increasingly awarding injured employees some very significant compensation packages.

The case to use Break Reminder is compelling.

Please contact us and enquire about customized corporate versions of Break Reminder.  Multi-user and Terminal Server versions are available. Break Reminder is designed for Corporations.  It is easy to use and support, fairly priced, and fully functional. 

Licensing can be simplified when all staff is covered.  Break Reminder features a very small file footprint, conserving PC, and Server resources for the principle work. Staff appreciate your investment and demonstrated care in their welfare.

Who has bought Break Reminder?

Break Reminder has been sold Internationally.  Customers include corporations, health and education institutions in the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  We also have users in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.  Corporations typically spend months testing Break Reminder before purchasing it.  There are now many many thousands of safer PC users. 

Break Reminder is a stable product that features elegant simplicity in its sophisticated design.  It has all the essential features yet remains simple to use and is competitively priced.  Some customers regard it as important as their email client.

Break Reminder’s Design History

The original Break Reminder was written by Tom Hingston, a software developer, and a quality manager.  User feedback has guided product evolution to make Break Reminder the product it is today.  Tom specialized in design elegance through the simplicity of user interfaces.  If it wasn’t simple to use it was no good.  He believed and practiced the KISS principle.

Medical Professional Design Influence

Product concept and medical advice have been provided by Dr David Hingston MB ChB MBA, a New Zealand vocationally registered specialist general practitioner with experience managing OOS, RSI,  MSD, and CTS patients.


  • Highly configurable to each user’s circumstance, whether an OOS sufferer, having good or bad days, or desiring OOS / RSI / MSD prevention.

    Break Reminder settings window.
    Break Reminder allows quick settings as shown with the red surround
    – or customize and personalize Break Reminder to suit yourself.
  • Micropause reminders. (seconds)
  • Rest Breaks reminders. (minutes)
  • Whole screen “Blackout” option during pauses and breaks.

    Break Reminder in action.
    Choose this small Break Reminder window
    – or have Break Reminder enforce your breaks by complete screen blackouts.
  • Enforce or ignore break options.
  • MicroPauses and/or Rest Breaks options
  • Choose the number of Micro pauses between Breaks.
  • 3 operational modes:
  •    (i) Basic timed reminders – set times
  •    (ii) Key/Mouse sensing – computer use influencing break times
  •    (iii) Key/mouse triggering of each successive timed period.  (resumption of timing on return to PC use)
  • Three preset configurations offered, however over 3 billion user choice options available
  • Pause Break Reminder at any time, without resetting timers and counters (manage interruptions)
  • Shortcut key access
  • Administrator version downloadable here
  • Password protection option for the Settings, Options, Stopping and Exiting.1
  • Auto startup option for every time your computer boots. 
  • Log files recording Break Reminder use events.
  • Reports summarizing use statistics.
  • Tray icon menu – right click to access functions and status.
  • Ctrl-Alt or Ctrl-Shift Hot Call Recall from System Tray
  • Small program interface that discretely runs in the background.
  • Small program runtime conserves PC resources.
  • Sound options to indicate when breaks start and finish 
  • Internal or external or no speakers setting options.
  • Sound scheme options.
  • Easy Install and full uninstall option.
  • Set-up Wizard to assist settings selection. 


Ergonomics Consulting Services – San Francisco

Information Resources

Cornell University Ergonomics Web


Please download and install Break Reminder. Please run Break Reminder and follow the directions to purchase your license (if you have not already done so).

Break Reminder Trial and Annual License options are available for purchase. Further information is detailed on our FAQ page. The purchase of licenses contributes towards the significant development and support costs of our software.

Multiple user license discounts are available.  Please visit the purchase page for details or please email us with your requirements. 

Please note some web sites may link here and suggest this software is freeware.  That is not the case.


If you have any problems with Break Reminder, please go to our support page. 

Break Reminder includes user-friendly software support systems to simplify and rapidly diagnose end-user support issues.

Please understand the software may be refined further so the images are shown herein become superseded.

Best MILF Hookup Sites & Apps 2024: Find Local Matches

Looking for the best sites and apps for a milf hookup? This gets you to the good stuff fast so you can find local mature women for casual encounters quick and easy. In depth reviews of top milf dating sites.

Quick Summary

  • Cougar Life, MilfMaps and Adult Friend Finder are the top sites for milf hookups, each with their own features like user friendly interfaces and active communities.
  • Apps like Tinder, Bumble and Free Fuckbook App are good for milf hookups, focus on ease of use and fast chat.
  • Safety first in online milf dating—protect your info, meet in public and be aware of red flags to have a safe experience.

Top Milf Hookup Sites for Casual Encounters

Finding the best milf hookup site can be overwhelming but this guide makes it easy. The top sites are for milf dating and have features to increase your chances of meeting mature women looking for casual encounters.

Cougar Life

Cougar Life is a standout in the milf dating world. For mature women looking for younger men, it’s a niche site where older women can meet younger guys easy. Cougar Life’s user friendly interface and active community makes it one of the best cougar dating sites out there, a top cougar dating site.

This site is for older women who want to date or have relationships with younger men, so it’s a targeted and great dating environment. Cougar Life should be your first choice if you want to meet confident, experienced cougars who know what they want on a dating site.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, with the tagline “Life is short. Have an affair,” is more than just a site for extramarital affairs. With over 70 million active users worldwide, it’s one of the biggest platforms for discreet connections, including milf hookups. Women can use Ashley Madison for free, men need to buy credits to send messages, so it’s a fair and interactive experience.

The site has features like ‘Priority Man’ and ‘Traveling Man’ to get more visibility and connect with women in different locations. Ashley Madison gives you the tools you need whether you’re looking for a local milf hookup or a casual encounter on the road.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is another good online dating site for those looking for casual encounters with mature women. Big and diverse community so you have more chances to find local MILFs looking for no strings attached fun.

Members can enjoy various interactive features like private messaging, chat forums and live videos so you can connect and chat with potential partners. If you’re looking for a site that has everything, from browsing sexy personal ads to live chat, Adult Friend Finder is worth trying out.

Apps for Milf Hookups

While dating sites are good, sometimes you need the convenience of an app. The best hot milf hookup apps are easy to use and have great features to help you connect with mature women on the go, so they’re a good alternative to a milf dating site.

Now we’ll talk about the best apps for milf hookups in 2024.


Tinder with its swipe feature has become the app for quick and easy connections. Most downloaded dating app with 64 million downloads in 2022 and 26% of its users are 35-55 so it’s great for finding MILFs.

Tinder’s location feature allows you to find local MILFs in your area. Plus specific keywords in your profile and Super Likes can increase your chances of matching with mature women.


Bumble is another good app for milf hookups especially if you like a female centric approach. Bumble allows women to make the first move, a feature that can be very attractive to mature women.

The 24 hour time frame to initiate a conversation encourages quick communication so you can connect and plan dates fast.

Free Fuckbook App

Free Fuckbook App has a free option for those looking for casual encounters including milf hookups. Global platform and features like messaging, photo sharing and video chat makes it easy and interactive for users.

If you’re looking for a free app with many features to meet local milfs and other hot women the Free Fuckbook App is the way to go.

How to Choose the Right Milf Hookup Site

Choosing the right milf hookup site can make a big difference in your dating experience. You need to consider several factors including user base, features and pricing to find a site that fits your needs.

User Base and Demographics

Size and demographics of the user base is a big consideration when choosing a milf hookup site. Big and active user base increases your chances of finding compatible matches. Check the site’s age distribution and location of users to make sure it matches your dating goals.

Features and Tools

Each milf hookup site has its own set of features and tools to make the user experience better. Look for advanced search filters, interactive features like live chat rooms and private messaging options to find profiles that fit your criteria.

Pricing and Membership Options

Cost and type of membership can make a big difference on a milf hookup site. Here are some things to consider when choosing a membership plan:

  • Free memberships have limited features
  • Premium plans unlock more features
  • Consider your budget and what features you want when choosing a membership plan

Tips for Successful Milf Hookups

Getting the most out of milf dating is more than just signing up on the right site. Follow these expert tips to create an attractive profile, communicate effectively and plan the perfect date.

Creating an Attractive Profile

Since your profile is the first thing others will see, make sure it makes an impact. Use high quality photos that reflects your personality and interests. Avoid grainy or blurry photos and choose nice backgrounds.

Write a bio that’s honest, highlights your unique qualities and has a bit of humor.


Communication is key to successful milf hookups. Here’s how:

  1. Start conversations with questions or comments about the other person’s profile.
  2. Be direct and clear about your intentions to avoid confusion.
  3. Always be nice.

Planning the Perfect Date

To plan a date she’ll never forget, consider her interests and preferences. Choose activities that match her interests like a wine tasting or an art gallery visit. This shows you put thought into the date and care about making it enjoyable for both of you.

Milf Hookups Benefits

Milf hookups have many benefits including confidence boost, interesting conversations and mutual respect.

Confidence and Experience

Dating mature women can boost your confidence. Their independence and self assurance is catching and helps you grow as a person and feel more comfortable in your interactions.

Interesting Conversations

Older women bring a lot of life experiences to the table that can make conversations more interesting and deep especially in older women dating.

Talking deep can lead to a better dating experience.

Mutual Respect and Understanding

A key to relationships with mature women is higher level of mutual respect and understanding. Their emotional maturity means no games and a healthier more fulfilling relationship.

Online Milf Dating Safety Tips

Safety should never be compromised in online milf dating. Follow these tips to protect your personal info and know the red flags.

Protecting Personal Info

Protect your personal info while browsing dating sites. Here’s how:

  • Don’t share your social security number
  • Don’t share your credit card info
  • Don’t share your home address with someone you haven’t met in person.

Use different photos for your profile to prevent reverse image searches.

Meeting in Public Places

For your safety choose public places for first meetings. Meeting in a coffee shop, restaurant or bar is perfect for the first date. Make sure you have control over your transportation so you can leave if you feel uneasy.

Red Flags

Be aware of scammers and online dating risks on dating sites. Watch out for people who ask for money or become too romantic and flattering too soon.


In short, milf dating has a lot to offer. Choose the right site, create an attractive profile and communicate effectively and you’ll increase your chances of successful hookups. Remember to prioritize safety and enjoy the benefits of dating mature women.


What are the best milf hookup sites for casual sex?

Check out Cougar Life, Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder for the best milf hookup sites for casual sex. Happy hunting!

How do I?

Protect yourself online by protecting your personal info, meeting in public and be aware of red flags. Happy dating!

What to put in my profile?

Good photos, interesting bio that shows your best features and be real in your profile.

What are the benefits of dating mature women?

Dating mature women can give you confidence boost, interesting conversations and mutual respect in relationships. That’s a better dating experience.

Best Photo Editing Software For Mac And Windows

Photo editing is a very common task that many users need to do on their computers, but unfortunately, neither Mac OS or Windows include photo editing software that’s anything close to full-featured. The good news is that there are many options, including free and affordable ones, if you’re looking for a photo editor that’s capable of giving professional results. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best options.


Snapseed of the easiest to use and most comprehensive tools we’ve seen in a long time. Snapseed is our number one pick for free photo editors and it’s easy to see why. In fact most girls on hookup finder apps use this simple app to appear better in their dating profiles. The program is available for Mac OS, Windows and even Android. In the free version, you get a huge amount of power that can be expanded through the paid versions.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a full-featured photo editing tool, offering the most features of any photo editing software. Users can even merge multiple images together using its unique Lightbox feature, making it easy to display finished photographs in a single web page. Photoshop is most popular photo editor out there, to the point where “Photoshopping” has become a generic term for editing photos.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a free photo editor that offers a similar suite of tools for people who prefer a basic, more basic photo editor that doesn’t cost any money. If you’re just looking to touch up some photos before you post them to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, or dating apps like Thots and Tinder, then this photo editor probably has more functionality than you’ll ever use.


PhotoScape offers the ability to do a variety of things, including enlarging, refining, sharpening, removing red eye, and more. It can also do some things that aren’t even shown in most photo editors, such as changing color effects and enhancing individual colors.

Photos can be edited directly in the app itself, or they can be edited in a browser window, which makes it easy to apply edits to multiple photos. It’s important to note that, unlike many free photo editing tools, PhotoScape isn’t actually free. Once you’ve used it for free for a certain amount of time, the free version is going to be converted into a premium version, which will cost $9.99.


GIMP is very popular among Windows users, since this a free option that has tons of features even when compared to paid apps. It’s been developed by a small and talented team that wants to create something that’s fast and easy to use, but can still give quality results, even in professional fashion.

The main difference between GIMP and Photoshop is the lack of a set of built-in filters, although many more can be downloaded from GIMP’s website. If you’re happy using these filters, then GIMP will still make a fine photo editor. It also features brushes, text, cropping and straightening tools, filters, shape tools, a sharing system, HDR (high dynamic range) modes, and other tools.


You should always remember that to make the best choices, it’s very important to do some research, find out which photo editing software you prefer, and make sure that you find the one that works for you. Most of the tools included in this guide are free, but to get a sense of their capabilities, you may want to consider upgrading to one of the paid apps.

MP3 Search Manager | MP3 List Maker


Search for your own MP3 music using your own criteria.  MP3Detective searches simultaneously all your set music folders or drives with MP3’s therein.

Choose your own search phrase within the MP3’s song or artist names.

A powerful program, with a simple user interface.  Click the results to play the song, songs, even play in random order!  Always within easy reach on your desktop, system tray, or Quick Launch Bar for rapid access.

No longer do you have to remember which folder each song is in, or need to go searching through folders and subfolders to find what you want to hear.

The MP3Detective List Maker function enables you to list and sort all your MP3’s, no matter where on the system they are located.

Print it out or save the file.

Typical Customer Feedback

I Wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your program ! I use it almost everyday. I have over 10 thousand mp3’s on my computer, and I’m not very organized – LOL, so without mp3detective I would be lost – :)) Thank you so much ! R Murphy


  • Easy management of your MP3 Collection
  • Search multiple drives and directories for MP3 music
  • Complex searches with 2 items of text  (e.g. qu+bo  to find  ‘Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody’)
  • Option to ignore comma’s and apostrophe’s
  • One-click file playing within attractive window
  • ‘Play-All’ option to play all the songs found with a single click.
  • Random‘ option to play all the songs found in random order.
  • Results sorted alphabetically by song name.
  • The favorites list for the memory of your favorites selections.   
  • Tag Editor
  • Multi-user – licensed per PC.
  • Small program size
  • Create a sorted text or HTML file list of all your songs.
  • Drag and drop the search results to add the song directly to your jukebox’s own playlist. 
  • Choose your preferred Skins or integrate your own artwork or photos. 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple instructions and operation – designed for the user
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Design Elegance as featured in all CheqSoft products
  • Fantastic for Parties, D.J’s, and music aficionados with large MP3 Collections.


If you have any problems with MP3Detective, please use our Support page.


MP3Detective is Trialware.  Customers may try it.  If they don’t like it they have agreed to uninstall it.  If they do like it then a license must be purchased to continue to enjoy MP3Detective.  CheqSoft exists because it is supported by licensed customers.  With financial customer support, CheqSoft develops and enhances products for you.  Please click for our Licensing page.

Professional Drag, Copy and Paste Clipboard Software

Powerful system tray drag n drop database software
Stores multiple clipboard items. 
Once used you won’t be without!
The Clipboard Toolbox

Easy filling in forms with names, addresses, E-mails, etc.
Just Drag n Drop in or out! 

Saves mental energy! Why type again and again? Enhances productivity!

Customer Testimonials

Customers tell us things like: 

“Your program is excellent and is the best clipboard store that I have found!”

“I love the product. It makes my job SOOOOO much easier. You guys rock!”  

I just wanted to say thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!   i would really hate my job if i had not been shown how your clipboard express could help me save time doing repetitive copy and pasting. sincerely, Debbie

“Clipboard Express Pro is a great program. I’m glad I stumbled on to it in a newspaper article. I’ve been looking for something like this for years. Keep up the good work.”

“WOW! I know that all caps is shouting but your company deserves a heart felt thank you! I just d/l the free version of clipboard express and have already started to save time! I can’t thank you enough. Friends and I have talked about trying to find a product like this for sometime. I will be spreading the word about your software, this product it is so useful!”

“The Best Software We’ve Ever Found”  (Software review columnist)

“Your ad is quite right. “Once you’ve used it, try doing without it” :)”  Noel Grivas, Australia

“Saves time and eliminates repetitive entrys.  I use it to fill our all kinds of applications; store various userids, passwords, URLs, email addresses, etc..  One of my most useful utiliies, my thanks for a great product, user friendly design, & fair price.  Will tell family and friends about it.” March 3 2005

“THANK YOU!!  It worked perfectly after following your instructions.  You have been very patient and the best software company I’ve encountered (not to mention the great program that I am so enjoying again!).  I will recommend you to anyone that needs your programs and I thank you for everything.”  Mari Lerchenfeldt, USA, May 18 2005

“This is one of my most valuable programs and I don’t want to go a day without it. It saves me tons of time and typing ” USA, June 9 2005.

“What do I use it for?? ALL my information is there.. every credit card, address, number, etc. I do most of my shopping on line and I hate filling out forms. I also keep all my numbers for bank accounts, trusts, social security numbers for our children, license numbers,,,, each in their own category …all of our financial stuff.. stock certificates… numbers numbers, numbers. I keep pictures there I am sending out so all I have to do is access them through CEP. I love it.. one large cupboard of information!” USA, June 19 2005

“I installed the new version of Clipboard Express Pro with no problem! It Works GREAT!!! Created ½ dozens files so far. It just keeps getting better and better. I now have unlimited memory stacks to organize my data variables as I choose. I’ve been in the computing business for 30+ years and believe you have a world class product with this latest version of Clipboard Express Pro. Thanks for all your support and special attention to suggestions.” USA, June 22 2005

“Brilliant software and even more brilliant service. Thanks” March 2003 UK Customer on July 3 2005.

“WOW! That is the best description of your prompt response to my email and also describes ClipBoard Express Pro as far as I’m concerned. The link you sent me worked fine and my ClipBoard Express Pro is up and running again. I’ve missed it. I’ve tried other clipboard programs but yours is the most intuitive and best I’ve used.

I have no compunctions recommending your product and recommend it as the occasion arises. Thank you for a great utility and equally great service. I am re familiarizing myself with all the features that ClipBoard Express Pro has to offer… The Word document “Experience Clipboard Express Pro”, that you make available on your webpage, is excellent and I’d recommend to everyone that they try each of the steps indicated therein to become fully aware of the programs outstanding capabilities.

Once again my fondest regards to you and your team.” Howard M. Levy, USA, July 9 2005

“Thank You. What a terrific piece of software!  It is intuitive, easy and incredibly powerful.” Rick, USA, November 4 2005.

The above comments are indicative.  We initially wrote Clipboard Express Pro for our in house use, we are absolutely delighted how much others enjoy it too. 

Clipboard Express Pro is ergonomically designed with medical design supervision from Dr David Hingston.

A good user group example is ISP’s around the World who use Clipboard Express Pro to store the answers to questions their support departments are repeatedly asked by email.  They simply drag and drop their responses into their return email, review it and click send!

Use Examples

  • Storing and pasting Boiler plate text
  • Noting thoughts
  • Remembering text
  • Personal Database
  • Contacts – addresses, phone numbers, emails, web sites, formulas, signature text..
  • Filling in on line forms
  • Managing CV’s off and online
  • Organizing information
  • Lobbying
  • Keep lists of loaned books, CD’s, DVD’s, cars….
  • Notes
  • Storing often used text like…
  • Fantastic for “To do” lists
  • Messages to hold and refer back to (ICQ, E-mail…, from your matches on dating sites)
  • PAD files – Brilliant for writing and editing
  • Makes counting digits and characters a breeze (See the pictures on this page)
  • Drafting messages or emails
  • Making notes of numbers, prices, features…
  • When doing calculations.. storing numbers and formulas
  • Temporary storage when reformatting word documents
  • Storing excel formulas while doing trials.
  • Storing nude pictures and other private photo albums
  • Capture ideas at time of their thought
  • Storing ‘print screen’ pictures – recovering later.
  • Reducing repetitive typing!!!
  • You name it… you can probably use it for it!

Use Examples

  • Storing and pasting Boiler plate text
  • Noting thoughts
  • Remembering text
  • Personal Database
  • Contacts – addresses, phone numbers, emails, web sites, formulas, signature text..
  • Filling in on line forms
  • Managing CV’s off and online
  • Organizing information
  • Lobbying
  • Keep lists of loaned books, CD’s, DVD’s, cars….
  • Notes
  • Storing often used text like…
  • Fantastic for “To do” lists
  • Messages to hold and refer back to (ICQ, E-mail…)
  • PAD files – Brilliant for writing and editing
  • Makes counting digits and characters a breeze (See the pictures on this page)
  • Drafting messages or emails
  • Making notes of numbers, prices, features…
  • When doing calculations.. storing numbers and formulas
  • Temporary storage when reformatting word documents
  • Storing excel formulas while doing trials.
  • Storing pictures
  • Capture ideas at time of their thought
  • Storing ‘print screen’ pictures – recovering later.
  • Reducing repetitive typing!!!
  • You name it… you can probably use it for it!

User Group Examples

  • ISP Support Staff
  • Technical support
  • Help Desks
  • Product support

These people are repeatedly asked similar questions.  With Clipboard Express Pro they simply paste the answer into email replies, review and send.  Saves time!

Answers may be refined over time and saved for next time.  This becomes a powerful system for continuous quality improvement of communications.  Improves communication.

  • Software Developers
  • Programmers

Store code snippets, functions etc for easy classification and retrieval.  Saves time!

  • Internet Marketers

Easily save and open web pages, registering software on internet search engines and download sites can repeatedly access those sites.  Counts clip character length automatically for PAD file writing etc.  Saves time!  Increases productivity!

  • Data entry
  • Application Processing

Paste or drag repeated phrases, paragraphs – no need to type the same thing twice!  Saves time! Reduces mundane, minimizes boredom!

  • Typing Error Correction

Keyboard typists (as opposed to trained screen typists) inadvertently pressing the caps lock key can quickly convert long phrases back to opposite caps with Clipboard Express Pro.  Saves time and mental anguish!

  • Political Lobbyists

Lobby by sending the same material to many different people.  Clipboard Express Pro makes this easy by dragging and dropping your message into as many emails as you wish!Use common structures phrases and paragraphs.  Save time by rapidly dragging or copy and pasting this repeated information into your documents.  Start with the same skeletal structure.  Save time!

  • Purchasers and web shoppers

Store web addresses for easy opening, product information, credit card information etc for dragging into web pages.  No need to find and type the credit card numbers again!  Saves time!

  • Designers
  • Engineers

Note ideas at time of first thought.  Quickly note these in Clipboard Express Pro for later recall and implementation.

  • Web surfers

Go back to saved web pages.  One click can open the saved URL in a new browser window! Also open a set of URL’s at start, logon or reboot!

  • Doctors

Rapid data entry, standard disclaimers, general information, standard medical examination text templates – checklists, and quality control into medical reports, letters, notes and documentation.

  • Medical Lecturers

Case data presentation – students request certain data that is copied out for display during presentations Save your clauses and paragraphs, disclaimers, etc.  Form documents by dragging and dropping in the appropriate components for easy trust and other legal and report document formation.

Used to save order information, between orders and come back to reference numbers that might be otherwise forgotten with the inevitable urgent order interruptions.  Enhances productivity!!

  • Information Standardization
  • Government Departments

Used to save and standardize information amongst a number of staff.  Enhances accuracy and therefore productivity!!

  • General PC Users
  • Thought capture when busy – come back to later – maximizes thought retention
  • To Do Lists
  • Cut and paste
  • Drag and drop
  • Temporary storage
  • View Clipboard Contents
  • Count Clipboard digit numbers
  • Open the same set of programs at time of logon or PC boot.
  • List management
  • Boilerplate text management

Capture To Do’s as they occur to you and store them in Clipboard Express Pro.  Reduce RSI risks by typing it only once!  Ergonomically designed.  Retrieve clips with the mouse or with function keys.  Position the drag, copy and paste icons on the left or right of the window as you want them.  Drag the form size to suit.

How could you use Clipboard Express Pro?


  • Cut and Paste by button, right-click or direct text entry
  • Copy contents by button, right-click or drag n drop
  • Clipboard contents displayed, even without the focus
  • Drag and drop to compliant applications – fantastic!!
  • Drag and drop to on-line forms(no re-typing)
  • Includes 2 scrollable storage spaces
  • Carriage returns supported
  • Clipboard field continually displays clipboard contents for easy reference
  • Counts clip size quickly and automatically
  • Brilliant for editing PAD files – easy to check character counts
  • Compare clip counts rapidly with paste clicks to clipboard
  • Toggle and drag program variable width
  • Mirror function to ensure drag icons ergonomically easy
  • Temporary or Permanent storage
  • Launch your browser directly to any web addresses you have stored
  • IP Address checking
  • Easy access from the system tray (next to the clock)
  • Full system tray (by the clock) copy/paste function
  • Auto run option from start-up
  • Each store holds up to 32,000 characters
  • 150 storage locations per file
  • Save and retrieve multiple files – unlimited store numbers now possible
  • Transfer data files betweens pc’s
  • Easy Navigation between stores
  • Rigid user interface structure that is always the same
  • HotKeys and Mouse support
  • Ctrl – Alt or Ctrl Shift Hot Call Recall from System Tray
  • Each store supports carriage returns (multi-line strings)
  • Titles for each page of stores
  • Print options
  • 10 picture stores additionally
  • BMP conversion of files from clipboard pictures
  • Drag in pictures directly from the web
  • Case Conversion of clipboard to lower, upper or reverse case
  • Caps Lock fix (great when accidentally pressed Caps lock)
  • Multi-user capable
  • Per-user Licensing
  • Design Elegance as featured in all CheqSoft products
  • More productive workplaces (reported)
  • Users tell us they love it!!


  • Powerful productivity increases
  • Licenses required in all cases
  • Featured in many ISP Support Departments
  • Clipboard Express has been known to improve productivity over 300%
  • Application Processing
  • Out Post modem linked processing staff
  • Order Processing
  • Warehousing staff
  • Writers
  • Journalists
  • Recruiters
  • Report writers
  • CV writers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Valuers
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Professionals


Please download and install Clipboard Express .  Please run Clipboard Express and follow the directions to purchase your license, if you have not already done so. 

Clipboard Express   Economy and Annual License options are available for purchase. Further information is detailed on our FAQ page. The purchase of licenses is required to contribute to the significant development costs of our software.

Multiple user license discounts are available.  Please visit the purchase page for details or please Email us with your requirements.

Free revision upgrades are available to eligible licensed users.

Please note the pictures shown on this page are indicative only and may change over time in line with our continuous improvement resulting from the synergy we create with our users.

Please note some web sites may link here and suggest this software is freeware.  That is not the case.

World Time Zone Clock & Difference Calculator

Global Time Zone Clock
World Time Difference Calculator

I don’t have a Time Problem…
but where is John?

TimesOwn – Facilitates On Time Meeting Attendance

The software clock that calculates the current time anywhere that you choose in the World. Easy time zone addition, edit your friends’ names and check their time. Times available independent of the Internet.  Their current time is always within easy reach from your system tray, task bar or your nominated Hot Key Combination.

Fantastic for communication programs like Skype, ICQ or MSN, international business with other countries. Always have within easy reach the local time for your global friends’, associates and contacts for chat, meetings, phone calls, etc. TimesOwn is the Global Clock


  • World Times
  • Retains the Worlds best International Clock User Interface
  • Just a click away in your system tray
  • World Leading Software

TimesOwn Features:  

  • Automated daylight savings adjustment
  • Easy Personalisation with direct editing of time zone reference names
  • Ergonomically designed to maximise user friendliness
  • 1 click from in your system tray
  • Hot Key Opening from System Tray – choose from 52 Ctrl-Alt or Ctrl-Shift key options
  • Easy Time Zone selection
  • Includes all Zones identified including Military Time Zones
  • Arrange zones -sorting columnsalphabetically, date or time
  • Drag n drop functionality:
  • Drag down new zones
  • Sort using a choice of 2 drag n drop modes
  • The World’s simplest licensing system
  • Organise groups of time zones
  • Cycle through groups e.g. friends’, family, business, boards and others.
  • Both Mouse and Hot Key functionality
  • Simple Interfacehides a sophisticated time engine
  • Conveniently available with a single click from the system tray
  • Right click options both within program and from system tray
  • Display the columns of interest to you
  • Options to display time zone difference columns
  • Hover tips provide further information:
    • City and Country data
    • Place / Time / Day / Date / Time Zone abbreviation
    • Time / Day / Date / Zone abbreviation / Full Time Zone reference
    • Summer / Daylight time starting and ending time / dates
  • Shows to applicable Time Zone names – daylight or summer time
  • Maximal, minimal and various time display modes
  • 3 standard color schemes
  • Custom color option – choose from a huge selection of colors
  • Development directed by Dr David Hingston
  • Select time zones by Region, Zone or UTC.
  • Live PC Time / Time Zone on main caption bar
  • User friendly Timer
  • Easy to use drag and drop software licensing system
  • Join the TimesOwn system of international time zone change reporting
  • Easy computer time zonem changes updates for travellers and commuters
  • Ideal for Telecommuters

TimesOwn makes meeting plans for pasting into emails to send to international meeting participants. Using Groups of user selected Time Zones plans can be generated for any group of Time Zones of interest.  Groups may be readily swapped between.  TimesOwn Zones may be added to update the and more comprehensively populate Windows Time Zones.

This is in addition to all the features of TimesOwn, such as always being within easy reach from your system tray, task bar or your nominated Hot Key Combination.

Fantastic for coordinating meetings for example using communication programs like Skype, ICQ or MSN, international business with other countries.

Always have within easy reach the local time for your global friends’, associates and contacts for chat, meetings, phone calls, videoconferences etc. timezone is the Global Clock that is so much more!

Lookup Mode:

  • Any reference time zone to selected of time zones
  • Select Reference Time, Date, Zones
  • Calculates groups of times relative to the referenced lookup time / date / place / daylight status
  • Allows Standard and Summer / Daylight Zone selection as appropriate
  • Calculate past, present or future time equivalents
  • Lookup up any time or date between 1753 and 2500
  • Refers to historical database (back to 1900’s)
  • Thousands of zone and daylight transition rules included
  • All known time zones (best endeavours that we can identify)
  • Calculates applicable daylight saving rules automatically
  • Shows start and end dates and offsets for each Zone
  • Drag n drop ease of use
    • Drag down new zones
    • Drag up listed zones
    • Sort using a choice of 2 drag n drop modes
    • The World’s simplest licensing system
  • Appropriately Handles Daylight Saving transitions
  • Fantastic for International Appointment scheduling
  • Works standalone even without connection to the Internet, aeroplanes etc..

Clipboard Meeting Plans:

  • For advising International Teleconferences and Videoconferences
  • Easy Meeting Plans generated in a flash!!
  • Simply paste into an email to all participants
  • Generate for any Lookup time , date and zone
  • Generate for any Time Zone Group
  • Maintain multiple Meeting Forum groupings
  • Each participants name can be customised and saved
  • Past Present and Future time capable
  • Refine your plan using the Meeting planner page
  • Colour coded Display for Weekdays, Weekends etc


Keeps TimesOwn zones up to date:

  • These rules change many times each year
  • Some countries change their daylight saving rules every year
  • New zones are added
  • Subscription data updates
  • Military Time Zones

Convenient Calendar

  • Hot Key Access
  • Choose your preferred month configuration e.g. 1×6, 2×6, 3×4 etc
  • Remembers your preferred calendar position

TimesOwn Caption Options:

  • Display System Time Zone Time / Date or
  • Display any TimesOwn Zone on the caption
  • Easily change the Time Zone displayed on the Caption
  • When minimised chosen time zone visible on the Task Bar

Key Users:  

  • People meeting other people
  • International Telecommuters
  • Webinar attendees
  • International Travellers

Typical Use Example for family members overseas – create a group called “Family”, add the members time zones, rename these.  Now it is simple to check if it is a suitable time to phone.

TimesOwnTM Use Examples:

1) User is on International Company A with Directors in 5 countries who regularly meet – uses TimesOwn Pro to coordinate meetings at time suitable to all participants

2) User is a PA to a Director of several International companies – PA coordinates all meetings of directors of all companies, creates a group for each Company and set of International Directors

Choosing a Software ClockHere is a checklist of some important considerations when choosing a clock:

  • Does the clock have a user friendly design using drag and drop?
  • Does the clock feature Groups of Time Zones?
  • How easily can you look up and select new Time Zones?
  • Can you easily rename the Time Zones to suit you?
  • Does the clock update Windows Time Zones?
  • Does the Clock tell you groups of times for any time, date and zone?
  • Does the clock have an update program in place?
  • Does the clock include a database of past present and future time zone rules?
  • What data does the clock use?  (Registry is not up to date with all time zones and is therefore not a good basis for a time zone clock.)
  • Does the clock generate meeting plans in a flash?


Here are some examples of customer feedback we have received for the earlier TimesOwn version:

“I found the places I wanted, edited the names to suit me and now they are always just a click away. Well done Cheqsoft!”

“I have tried three other World Clocks over the past 12 months, including TimesOwn, while the others have apparently, more to offer the consumer, I have finally come back and registered with you. Yours being the most user friendly. It tells me all I want to know re the time in cities I have contact with.   Thank you.”

“TimesOwn is going EXCELLENTLY for me, thank you! I am web editor for a children’s literature site with a chat room. We have chatsters from all over the world and a regular chat every Tuesday that overseas people cannot attend–because they’re mostly asleep!  So I’m planning a Worldwide Chat at a time here when people in Europe, Africa and Asia can attend. You can see how valuable TimesOwn has been for me in setting that up.  Thank you again, and THANK YOU for TimesOwn!”

“Where did you hear about TimesOwn?  Did an internet search for this type of software, found many, settled on this one for it’s ease of interface and use. What do you like about TimesOwn?  The interface is very efficient. Having all the locations that I need to do business with on a daily basis is perfect.”

TimesOwnTM Customisation

Using our technology we can install specific default system custom TimesOwn time zones to order.  Please inquire by Email.


Please download and install TimesOwn.  Please run TimesOwn and follow the directions to purchase your license, if you have not already done so. 

TimesOwn Economy and Annual License options are available for purchase. Further information is detailed on our FAQ page. 

 Purchase of licenses contributes towards the significant development and support costs of our software.

TimesOwn Pro is only available by annual license subscription, which enables all TimesOwn Pro’s additional features.  If the subscription is not renewed the license will reduce to the normal TimesOwn functionality.

With financial customer support we can and will develop our products further for you.  Please click here for our licensing page. Existing TimesOwn users with upgrade rights may purchase TimesOwn Pro subscriptions discounted by the amount they originally paid for their TimesOwn.

Please note some web sites may link here and suggest this software is freeware.  That is not the case.