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MP3 Search Manager | MP3 List Maker


Search for your own MP3 music using your own criteria.  MP3Detective searches simultaneously all your set music folders or drives with MP3’s therein.

Choose your own search phrase within the MP3’s song or artist names.

A powerful program, with a simple user interface.  Click the results to play the song, songs, even play in random order!  Always within easy reach on your desktop, system tray, or Quick Launch Bar for rapid access.

No longer do you have to remember which folder each song is in, or need to go searching through folders and subfolders to find what you want to hear.

The MP3Detective List Maker function enables you to list and sort all your MP3’s, no matter where on the system they are located.

Print it out or save the file.

Typical Customer Feedback

I Wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your program ! I use it almost everyday. I have over 10 thousand mp3’s on my computer, and I’m not very organized – LOL, so without mp3detective I would be lost – :)) Thank you so much ! R Murphy


  • Easy management of your MP3 Collection
  • Search multiple drives and directories for MP3 music
  • Complex searches with 2 items of text  (e.g. qu+bo  to find  ‘Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody’)
  • Option to ignore comma’s and apostrophe’s
  • One-click file playing within attractive window
  • ‘Play-All’ option to play all the songs found with a single click.
  • Random‘ option to play all the songs found in random order.
  • Results sorted alphabetically by song name.
  • The favorites list for the memory of your favorites selections.   
  • Tag Editor
  • Multi-user – licensed per PC.
  • Small program size
  • Create a sorted text or HTML file list of all your songs.
  • Drag and drop the search results to add the song directly to your jukebox’s own playlist. 
  • Choose your preferred Skins or integrate your own artwork or photos. 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple instructions and operation – designed for the user
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Design Elegance as featured in all CheqSoft products
  • Fantastic for Parties, D.J’s, and music aficionados with large MP3 Collections.


If you have any problems with MP3Detective, please use our Support page.


MP3Detective is Trialware.  Customers may try it.  If they don’t like it they have agreed to uninstall it.  If they do like it then a license must be purchased to continue to enjoy MP3Detective.  CheqSoft exists because it is supported by licensed customers.  With financial customer support, CheqSoft develops and enhances products for you.  Please click for our Licensing page.

Team CheqSoft
Team CheqSoft

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