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Break Reminder™

RSI Prevention, Micropause, Take a Break, Stretch and Exercise Reminder Computer Software

Increased Accuracy and Safety For Computer Users


  • Protect Yourself!
  • Protect Your Employees!

Main Break Reminder control form and Micropause / Break window.

Break Reminder reminds you to take Breaks and / or Micro pauses to your set times, including sensing when you have typed long enough.

Much cheaper than an RSI alternative!


OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome) is also known as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury – USA) and MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders – Europe). CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and CVS (Computer vision syndrome) also are associated with computer use.

These injuries are becoming more and more common in today’s computer-intensive world. OOS, RSI, MSD, CTS, and CVS can become very painful and debilitating if not treated early.

With this in mind, the best cure is prevention. If injuries already exist, strict work methods are required to facilitate recovery after a visit to a naughty site.

Break Reminder is designed to both prevent and assist convalescence of these debilitating computer terminal associated conditions.

It has numerous other benefits also. Whilst we have many anecdotal reports of the value of this software, there is also research that supports the value this type of software provides to PC users.

Break Reminder has a small program interface that discretely runs in the background. It can monitor your computer use, and reminds (or can force) you to take a break to user-chosen settings.


  • Break Reminder Plus™ 3.12.0 is coming soon, watch this space!!!
    • Will be a FREE Plus version!;
    • Many new features!;
  • Break Reminder Pro™ 3.11.6 released May 14 2007, features:
    • More Hot Key options;
    • Hot Keyed ignores;
    • Hot Keyed Postpones to user timing preference, e.g. when taking a phone call use your preferred HotKey to gain a 2 minute 30 second break postponement;
    • Now even more ergonomically user friendly;
  • Break Reminder™ 3.11.3 released April 26, 2007, features:
    • Certified compliant with USB and Vista;
    • Appropriately responds to Hibernation and Standby events;
    • Download and check out Free Break Reminder Demo 3.11.3;
  • Break Reminder™ 3.11.2 released April 17, 2007, features:
    • Revised Settings interface;
    • Other refinements;
    • Download and check out Free Break Reminder Demo 3.11.2;
  • Break Reminder™ 3.11.0 released April 12, 2007, now includes:
    • Runs on Windows Vista;
    • Significant revision for smoother operation;
    • New information now is shown in the System Tray Icon – A quick glance tells Break Reminder status;
  • Break Reminder™ 3.10.3, released March 6, 2007, now includes:
    • Multi-Monitor capability;
    • Easy manual and automated update downloads;
    • Now covers all monitors on Multiple Monitor PCs.
    • Ctl+Alt+X Hot Key Support. (X is a user selected character)
    • The Free Break Reminder Demo version 3.10.3 has most Break Reminder functionality, however the settings are not saved exiting Break Reminder Demo; 
    • The licensed version of Break Reminder Pro saves all settings, and when logging on has auto-run functionality.


“Sneaky stressor #1: Using your computer

Here’s what happens when you flick on your computer: “Your breathing rate goes up 30 percent, your blinking rate goes way down, and you tend to tighten your arms and shoulders without knowing it,” says Erik Peper, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Holistic Healing at San Francisco State University. 

Slash the stress: Change your body position every half hour or so simply standing while talking on the phone can improve bloodflow and ease muscle strain. 

Visit for low-cost software that will tell you to also take microbreaks quick pauses to close your eyes and flex your wrists.”

From “” Edited by Kate Dailey, Associate Editor, Men’s Health, August 2005,

Customer Testimonials

“Break Reminder has saved me from RSI. I have been using it for over 2 years and together with a good mouse mat and keyboard, it has eradicated all symptoms. I have recommended it to all my family and friends. Well done and thank you.”  (Toby Beresford,, July 22 2003)  

This example recently advised to us summarizes other comments we have received.  Another example of user feedback: 

“Very well-designed, the heuristic’s really make it pop up at the right times, without being too aggressive or permissive”.  

Another example, this one independent and spontaneous academic opinion:      

“I have now been using your software on both my home and work computer in conjunction with Maltron keyboards and and trackball mice for a few months and have nothing but praise for your software. Being a research scientist I tried several free/Trialware software packages and have found yours to be undoubtedly the best. It is easy to use and strikes the correct fine balance of usefulness versus intrusiveness so as not to get in the way when a break cannot be taken. I have recommended it to most of the people here and it actually helps the entire work day not just protecting from RSI.  Looking forward to version 4!” (Dr N Martin, Curtin University, Western Australia. August 11 2004

And more…

“After years of dealing with work-related tendonitis, I credit your Break Reminder program with saving my arms and my career! It does just what I need it to do (force me to take breaks at regular intervals), without a lot of extraneous bells and whistles.” June 7 2005

“Been using Break Reminder for several years – looked for upgrade and thought it was time to pay up for all that benefit!!” July 24 2005

“Break Reminder has been great” … “One (user) reporting that it’s been the single biggest help in reducing the pains he’s getting, so 10 out of 10!” London Business School, September 19 2005

“I love this program! It has really helped with my RSI recovery.” University of Wisconsin Researcher, after 2 days of use, July 31 2006

“I swear by your product, and have been using it for sometime, here at work. I have steered colleagues to your product as well.”  (Corporate Customer, John Simon, Sociotelligence, Texas, April 14 2018)


Corporate Clients

Research suggests the use of this software will improve staff accuracy.  Indeed it may do so by 13% and may even pay for itself in around 3 months.  That calculation does not include the very significant costs of managing active cases of OOS (or RSI or MSD).  

The courts are increasingly awarding injured employees some very significant compensation packages.

The case to use Break Reminder is compelling.

Please contact us and enquire about customized corporate versions of Break Reminder.  Multi-user and Terminal Server versions are available. Break Reminder is designed for Corporations.  It is easy to use and support, fairly priced, and fully functional. 

Licensing can be simplified when all staff is covered.  Break Reminder features a very small file footprint, conserving PC, and Server resources for the principle work. Staff appreciate your investment and demonstrated care in their welfare.

Who has bought Break Reminder?

Break Reminder has been sold Internationally.  Customers include corporations, health and education institutions in the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  We also have users in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.  Corporations typically spend months testing Break Reminder before purchasing it.  There are now many many thousands of safer PC users. 

Break Reminder is a stable product that features elegant simplicity in its sophisticated design.  It has all the essential features yet remains simple to use and is competitively priced.  Some customers regard it as important as their email client.

Break Reminder’s Design History

The original Break Reminder was written by Tom Hingston, a software developer, and a quality manager.  User feedback has guided product evolution to make Break Reminder the product it is today.  Tom specialized in design elegance through the simplicity of user interfaces.  If it wasn’t simple to use it was no good.  He believed and practiced the KISS principle.

Medical Professional Design Influence

Product concept and medical advice have been provided by Dr David Hingston MB ChB MBA, a New Zealand vocationally registered specialist general practitioner with experience managing OOS, RSI,  MSD, and CTS patients.


  • Highly configurable to each user’s circumstance, whether an OOS sufferer, having good or bad days, or desiring OOS / RSI / MSD prevention.

    Break Reminder settings window.
    Break Reminder allows quick settings as shown with the red surround
    – or customize and personalize Break Reminder to suit yourself.
  • Micropause reminders. (seconds)
  • Rest Breaks reminders. (minutes)
  • Whole screen “Blackout” option during pauses and breaks.

    Break Reminder in action.
    Choose this small Break Reminder window
    – or have Break Reminder enforce your breaks by complete screen blackouts.
  • Enforce or ignore break options.
  • MicroPauses and/or Rest Breaks options
  • Choose the number of Micro pauses between Breaks.
  • 3 operational modes:
  •    (i) Basic timed reminders – set times
  •    (ii) Key/Mouse sensing – computer use influencing break times
  •    (iii) Key/mouse triggering of each successive timed period.  (resumption of timing on return to PC use)
  • Three preset configurations offered, however over 3 billion user choice options available
  • Pause Break Reminder at any time, without resetting timers and counters (manage interruptions)
  • Shortcut key access
  • Administrator version downloadable here
  • Password protection option for the Settings, Options, Stopping and Exiting.1
  • Auto startup option for every time your computer boots. 
  • Log files recording Break Reminder use events.
  • Reports summarizing use statistics.
  • Tray icon menu – right click to access functions and status.
  • Ctrl-Alt or Ctrl-Shift Hot Call Recall from System Tray
  • Small program interface that discretely runs in the background.
  • Small program runtime conserves PC resources.
  • Sound options to indicate when breaks start and finish 
  • Internal or external or no speakers setting options.
  • Sound scheme options.
  • Easy Install and full uninstall option.
  • Set-up Wizard to assist settings selection. 


Ergonomics Consulting Services – San Francisco

Information Resources

Cornell University Ergonomics Web


Please download and install Break Reminder. Please run Break Reminder and follow the directions to purchase your license (if you have not already done so).

Break Reminder Trial and Annual License options are available for purchase. Further information is detailed on our FAQ page. The purchase of licenses contributes towards the significant development and support costs of our software.

Multiple user license discounts are available.  Please visit the purchase page for details or please email us with your requirements. 

Please note some web sites may link here and suggest this software is freeware.  That is not the case.


If you have any problems with Break Reminder, please go to our support page. 

Break Reminder includes user-friendly software support systems to simplify and rapidly diagnose end-user support issues.

Please understand the software may be refined further so the images are shown herein become superseded.

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